Where are you from in Washington?


How about some short introductions?

Where are you from in Washington?

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most?

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip?

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind?

What is your favorite hunting memory?

What is your dream hunt?


Am I the only Washingtonian on here? I sure would'nt guess there are that few Washington hunters when I'm out on an opening weeekend.


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I am around too, but had kinda given up on the WA forum over here. not a lot of people. More of a CA site.

Where are you from HAL?


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i am from the wetside.... Bainbridge Island to be exact but most of my hunting is done in E WA. I mainly hunt the yakima valley but will also head over to Othello and south towards Umatilla.
Mainly hunt ducks and quail but i do run into a few roosters every year and will hunt chukars if i out of my mind, it happens.:)
I have 2 labs which could use work but do fine for me. I love watching them work quail, especially in tight cover and snow.


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I'm from Brewster originally (small town in north central WA, right on the Columbia). I currently live in Pullman.

I like hunting ducks, geese, pheasant, quail (would be a lot easier if I had a dog). Also dear, rabbit, and coyotes. THis year I'm going to try elk and turkey as well.


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Hi all, welcome to the WA forum. I'm also here on the west side. I lived in Silverdale for a few years, now I'm here in Bellevue.

I spend most time salmon fishing and hunting deer, elk, bear, turkey... I enjoy the trips I take to the tri-cities to hunt waterfowl.

Anybody draw anything good for special permits? My son and I drew our 2nd deer tags. He's 12 and it's his 3rd year hunting. He's excited to be hunting archery for both of his deer this year.

~ Shane
Im fairly new to the site and just wandered into the state boards. I found the site about 2 years ago when building a trail camera but never visited the boards. I do most of my chattin on Blacktail Country. I live and hunt in the SW corner of the state. I hunt most anything but havent hunted waterfowl for several years due to lack of a dog. I now own another chessy so will be back in the action again soon. I hunt my big game with an inline muzzle loader. I make a short trip to the snake looking for deer most years and give pheasants and partridge a try while I'm out there. The majority of my hunting is centered on Elk and deer in the Mt Adams/Klickitat areas. I also try turkey every year in Klickitat but havent connected yet.



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Hello, my name is Rick... In November my wife and I moved to Ft Lewis where I'm currently deployed out of but hopefully I'll be home this October. My passions in the hunting realm revolve mostly around big game. I'm from Idaho origionally and that's where I grew up hunting Mullies and Elk.. As far as upland game I love to hunt pheasants and quail, in Texas I tried my luck with aerobatic white-wing doves but that didn't go over too well.. I was really hoping to get in on a Roosevelt hunt this year but now it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Well I'm sure that everyone already has thier life long hunting buddies but if you ever get the sudden urge to get out for the weekend and no one to go with, I keep my hunting pack ready to roll
. I hope this spring I'll have a chance to scout out some areas and maybe next fall I'll have the opportunity to get out. I have always had the most luck rifle hunting, but I've also branched out and I do a little Archery also.


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I'm from Auburn, then Deer Park, and now Camp Pendleton CA. I hunt deer the most, but I like hunting bear and cougar more. My step dad tought me to hunt, I dont remember when my first trip was, most likely around the age of 10. I use a Remington 700 LH in a 30-06. My favorite memory was hunting on the snohomish for a week when the salmon were running. I would love to hunt big bear in Alaska or BC, or carribou on the tundra.


I am from the SW part of Washington- just south of Olympia. I hunt anything that walks, runs or flys with modern firearms. I usually hunt Blacktail within a dozen miles of home, Elk near Mt. St. Helens or Ryderwood and ducks and geese locally. I have hunted from Alaska to Africa and am always dreaming about or planning a new trip. My favorate hunting is probably hogs in the southern states. It is more fun than you can shake a stick at.



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Hey folks. I'm in Lynnwood. You guys still keeping up in this forum? I'll snoop around. Local contacts are few. Looking to fill in the gaps this year and get creative. Off-season hunting, weather and all. Minimal gear and rough it. Maybe try and expand my camp menu.
I grew up in the SW Washington town of Onalaska but I've lived here in Spokane for about the past 16 years. I've mostly just hunted deer and grouse over the years but took up elk and turkey hunting here in the past few years as well.


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Hello, names Mike. Currently living in Northern Los Angeles County. Retiring in 4 years, and will be coming up there in July to look for a house. My sister in law lives in Lacy so we'll be checking out homes in that area. Looking forward to the move, have had enough of California. Been to Washington several times, my brother was born in Spokane. Love the State. Now I at least have a chance of finding out about hunting and fishing in the area. I'll be monitoring.


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Hi All,
Welcome to all of you newcomers to the site and WA state. E-mail me if you have questions. If I don't have answers I usually have a contact or two to send your way.

Something I'd like to find this year is good bowfishing around the west side (Seattle). I spent many years smackin carp and talapia in AZ and haven't found my groove up here yet.
I live in Stanwood, WA. I grew up in a hunting family and I have hunted from Texas to Alaska. I am originally from Texas and grew up hunting dove, pheasant, duck, deer, frogs, hogs, and turkey. Fishing too! My dad was in the military and so we moved a lot but still hunted and fished. I was in the military too and did the same.

Now I live to hunt and fish. When hunting season is over I am fishing or getting ready for the next season. I hunt Eastern Washington for elk and turkey, and both sides for deer, duck, goose and pheasant. I got a little burned out on modern firearm hunting and now I only hunt archery, but from time to time I will pick up the rifle for a cougar hunt or bear.

I really enjoy taking my boys hunting. My oldest son is my primary hunting partner. He played a lot of sports growing up and did not get out in the field much because of the sports schedule, so we have been making up for lost hunt time the past five years. My youngest son is 6 and last year he went out on his first duck trips and this year he went on his first turkey hunt. He does really well in the field and I was super impressed with him during turkey this year. Besides that he can really work a box call.

Out of all of my hunting memories I have to share this one with you.......

I have a friend whom I have hunted with in the past. He too grew up hunting in WI. We were out elk hunting and it had been a long morning hunt. Not one to waste the evening hunt, I usually hang a tree stand near elk camp in an area that has some fresh sign. This way after a long day hunt, I can sit in the stand and watch for something without hiking another six miles. The tree stand on this hunt was in a flat off a ridge and it was perfectly situated off of a heavily used game traill.

On this day I sent Jim to the stand and I went to the ridge edge to glass the ridge on the other side of the draw and watch for anything that might be coming up the draw. I asked Jim if he knew how to use a tree stand. Jim replied, "I grew up in WI. We always hunted in tree stands. I told him it was a climbing tree stand and asked if he knew how to use one. He said he did. I told him I could come with him and show him how to use it f he wanted. Jim assuredme he was good to go. I told him the safety harness was on the ground and I had a safety cord tied from the seat to the standing platform in case the platform fell he could pull it up. So I pointed him in the right direction and I took off.

About an hour later I was working the ridge and I could not not have been more than 400 yards away from him at the time and I suddenly heard a cellular phone ring. Then I heard him say, "Hello? [pause] I'm hunting. What are you doing?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing! A couple of hours later I had made it back to camp and met my son there. It was late and almost completely dark. I asked him where Jim was and said he said he he hadn't returned. I started to think maybe he got something and then I thought wouldn't that be funny of he had. Sitting in a tree stand, talking on a cell phone and something comes by.

About 30 minutes later Jim comes walking into camp and he looked worn out. I then noticed he had tree sap all over his back and down his legs. I asked him what happened. Jim said, "Man! I am glad you had that rope tied to the seat and platform! I was coming down the tree and the platform fell."
He said, "I was trying and trying to pull it up but it was hard! I think it took me about 30 minutes to get that platform!" I asked Jim, "Why didn't you just reach out with one hand and hug the tree and reach down with the other hand pull up the platform?" He looked at me like I was stupid and said,"How am I going to do that when my back is to the tree?"

My son and I just broke out in laughter. It took us about 15 minutes to calm down enough to tell him he was supposed to be facing the tree when he goes up or down. By that time, he had figued it out.

The next day I went to the tree stand location and found he had practically stripped all of the bark off the tree on the stand side.

I really liked that tree! I hope it makes it!

In any case....... I love to hunt and I am almost done with my walk through archery range on my property. I try and shoot every day. I love fishing too and I am hoping to get a new boat this fall and start guiding steelhead and salmon on my days off.


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