Where Are You From & What Kind Of Airgun?


How about some short introductions?

Where are you from?

What kind of air gun do you own?

Who taught you how to shoot?

What was your 1st airgun?

What is your favorite airgun memory?

What is your dream airgun?


My name is Jesse and I grew up in Missouri but l live in SoCal now.

My 1st airgun was a Daisy Red Rider. For some goofy reason I carved a US Army star and German Swasticka symbol into the stock which drew some interesting looks from Dad and my uncles.

Dad taught me how to shoot.

Right now I have a couple of lame Daisy rifles that need new seals. A 880 and I'm not sure about the other one.

My best airgun memory would be when I was a kid plinking frogs out at our farm on my sister's horse. I was John Wayne on that horse and the frogs paid dearly in my mind. Actually, the BBs just bounced off their noggins after arcing over the water.

Dream airgun would be one of them machine gun ones.

SoCal shooter

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My name is Jacob,I'm from Apple Valley CA.

I used to use a Gamo 220 but its junk and I am saving for a new airgun.

My dad taght me how to shoot.

A crosman pump was my first airgun.

My favorite shooting memory was when I was hunting in my back property, after walking for a while I saw a big jackrabbit at 25 yards,so I sighted in my gamo 220 on its chest,pulled the trigger and shot it but it took off, it looked like a good shot.
So I looked for it and looked for it but could not find it. I was going to give up but I went back were it was hit and found a trail of blood which led to a giant jackrabbit behind a bush. I was so exited because it was one of the first jackrabbits I took down.

My dream airgun is any that can shoot a 22 cal pellet at 950 fps.


I use a Crosman 2100, a 1008 pistol and a Hammerli .22 spring air rifle.
Funniest memory was shooting a crow with a flathead pellet that had a cap gun cap stuck on it. At thirty or so yards Mr. Crow looks at explosion on the chest and promptly dies of a heart attack. He was shot with the Crosman 2100.

I haven't repeated that trick again cause it seems like strange possibilities lie in it.




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My name is Vince and I have a Crossman 112 (bulk CO2 and long out of production) and a Crossman 2240 Both guns cutomized by Mac 1 in Gardena, CA. I now live in Inglewood, TN. My favorite shooting was clearing an Injection molding plant that had been unused for 6 months. Cleared of what? Pigeons! Lot's of them. got 3 or 4 a day for several weeks. Indoor hunting! Only a gas gun would work for this.


Welcome Vince. An indoor shooting gallery like that old closed plant is ideal. Two words: target rich.


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My name is Jimmy.

I'm originally from Lenoir, NC.

My Dad taught me how to shoot the way he really learned, the Marine Corps way.

My first airgun was a Daisy Pal (one of the little black ones).

My Wife bought me an .177 RWS 34 last Christmas, and I'm well satisfied.

There are too many good memories to remember.

airgun hunter

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hi i'm 14 and i hunt with a daisy powerline 22X but my parents have recently ordered .22 XS B20 chinese springer that fire 750 fps which is the actual average
Hi. My name is Wayne. I live in Independence, Mo. I taught myself to shoot when I was a kid in Iowa. Started out with a cheap Daisy BB gun and eventually graduated up to big guns. I now shoot a Crosman model 66. I shoot mostly squirrels and crows. Yes crows. Throw some shucked corn on the ground and sit back and relax. Its almost like fishing. And without the sound of the bang they dont fly away. I still have a .22 and 20 guage, both Winchester semi autos. I also like to hunt pheasants and wabbits. I have an 18 yr old son who shoots one of those Crosman .357 lookalikes. I'm 54 yrs old and have had a 5 way bypass. Im a Navy Vet.


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Hi. My name is JP.

I live in San Juan Capistrano, California.

My father taught me how to shoot.

My first air rifle was a Daisy 880.

I currently own:

.177 Gamo Shadow with Bushnell Sportsman 4-12 A.O. scope in 2pc medium SportsMatch ring mounts, backed with a Beeman arrestor block, and fitted with a barrel band swivel stud and nylon carry strap.

.177 Beeman R-9 "Goldfinger" with select barrel angle, select wood, and "special super tune" options, with a Bushnell 4-12 A.O. Banner scope in Beeman/SportsMatch ring mounts, and fitted with a barrel band swivel stud and nylon carry strap.

.20 Beeman R-1 with select barrel angle, select wood, and "special super tune" options, with a 4-12 Bushnell Sportsman A.O. scope in a SportsMatch 1 pc mount.

.177 Benjamin 397 with a leaky valve.

.177 Marksman M-2004 pistol

.177 Beeman P-1 Pistol

My finest air gun memory is having my son with me when I shot my first chukar, and having him say, "I bet it tastes like chicken."


Here you go Spectre25! Are you ever going to LOVE this!
Now head off to the hardware store (about $80 should cover it) and build the puppy. Let us know how it goes. Then let me send you $80 bucks so you can build one for me LOL (I'm to busy to build one of those).
My friends friend followed the instructions and he got 3000rounds per minute out of it using a shop air compressor. Produces a 50 yard stream of BB's!


This is my latest right here. Click for a slide show of my .45


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I live in Bakersfield, CA but grew up in Hawaii.
First airgun was a Crosman pump. 760 I think.
I currently have a .177 cal. Gamo 440, a .22 cal. Webley Patriot, and a Mac 1 tuned Crosman 2240 in .22 cal.
Dad taught me how to shoot.
My favorite memory is my three year old daughter hitting her first can at about 20 yards with my 2240(pistol), she held it like a rifle because she is so small.


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Name is Rich...live in El Cajon,Ca..

Learned markmanship in the USMC in 1962....shot on Marine rifle team 1964...

Never owned an air rifle till a few months ago...

Dream airgun ?? FX Monsoon...

Bought a Umarex 850 magnum (8 shot repeater Co2) cal .177 first...then bought a Beeman R9 Double Gold cal .22 recently. I really like both...have shot rabbits out to 20 yards with the 850....and 30 yards with the R9...

Will be getting out on some jack rabbits in two weeks..been scouting some BLM areas in east San Diego County...


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I just bought a Crosman Quest and I'm having fun. I'm now in Orange. Can't wait to pop some ground squeaks.

Whip Lash

Hi, my name is Steve and I live in San Jose, CA. I have an RWS Model 48 in .177 caliber. It is a side cock air rifle and I love it.

My grandpa, dad and uncles taught me how to shoot when I was a young boy growing up in Ohio. I did own a Daisy BB gun as my first air gun. Later I gave it to my younger brother.

Guess I have my dream airgun. You can't beat RWS for quality air rifles.

My most memorable air gun memory was at the 50 yard range. I was both surprised and delighted when I saw dirt fly behind the 50 yd. target instantaneously upon pulling the trigger. My RWS is suppose to shoot at 1100 fps. Don't own a chronograph to check it with but I know it is doggone fast.

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