Where Are You From & What Kind Of Dog Do You Have?


How about some introductions?

Where are you from & what kind of dog do you have?

What is your dog's name and how old is he/she?

How long have you had your dog and what kind of training if any has your dog had?

Qbn Hunter

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I am a proud owner of a plump Choc. Lab named Aspen. I was training her to become a bird dog but she got injured, she was paralyzed for a couple of weeks and now walks with a limp, now she's a spoiled brat. The best dog I have ever had.


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I have a 1 1/2 yr. old German Shorthaired Pointer named Cody. Cody is a solid liver color with a roan colored chest. I had him trained by Jimmy Berneathy of High Desert Kennels here in So. California. The dog is still a work in progress, but is coming along nicely. This is my first bird dog, so my dog and I are learning how to do things together. I am hoping that I can get Cody to a level that will make him a real asset for me for the upcoming season.


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Well I'm here in South. Cal. I have an untrained field bred ESS that I, 6 years ago, had intended on training but ran really short on time (long excuse).

I just had to put down my Chessie (awesome dog, but pig-headed) due to the big C.

But the good news is that I am on a waiting list for a French Brit pup, so I'll be getting back into the pointer scene. One of my best dogs was an American Brit I had when I was a teenager.


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Got two dogs here in So. Cal.
First is a GSP little over two years old. Named her Josie because we already had two cats (Remember Josie and the pussycats cartoons?) She was trained by Tracy Jensen at High On Kennels in Santa Ysabel.

# 2 is a GWP and is about 20 months. Her name is Rona and was also trained by Tracy Jensen. She is just awesome, steady to wing and shot, retrieves to the hand. I think I'll retire Josie already.

Mt Goat

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My name is Larry I live in the High Desert. I've hunted Upland birds for about 15 years. It really became addictive after I bought my first hunting dog a GSP about 6 years ago ( we lost her acouple of years ago, she was hunt by a car). At the time we have 4 GSP's + a GSP pup thats a month old, that I'll be picking up next month. We also have a Weimy, but I have a couple of people interested in buying her, so she might be going to a new home soon.

1) Tucker is 3 years old male, a very nice hunting dog, and I also run him in NSTRA

2) Neo is a two year old male, another very nice hunting dog, I've run him in 3 AKC Field Trails in Derby and he's won 1st 2-times. He's being broke steady to wing and shot until sent to retrieve, and will be run on the AKC Field Trial circuit to see what he can do.

3) Trinity is a nice 2 year old female, shes a nice hunting dog, and will be run in NSTRA this next year.

4) Lil Rat is a young 7 month old female out of Tucker and Trinity, she going to make a nice hunting dog, shes steady to flush and retrieves and I'll see what doggy game she'll be able to play either NSTRA or AKC Field Trials

5) Bess is going to be her name. Bess is a one month old female, we're hoping shes going to be a Field Trial dog/hunting dog. Bess is a half sister to Neo

6) Harley is 1 1/2 year old Weimy. Shes been hunted one season. and is FOR-SALE. We're selling her because I need the space, and the extra time to spend on a couple more field trial/hunting prospects I'll be getting after January 2004.

All my dogs are inside/outside dogs and are great with kids.



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My name's Deborah. I live in Long Beach. I have 3 dogs but only 1 bird dog. My bird dog is Hunter, a 1 yr old chocolate lab male. He is extremely birdy, pretty good marker, and is just now learning to handle.

I got him to help me hunt quail. Specifically to help find the darn things after we shoot him. Last year was a horrible season bird wise, so he didn't get much experience. I'm hoping this year is much better. He does great with pigeons & bumpers though. :)

Varmint Al

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We have two Black Labs. They are named Bart and Tide. Bart is 4 years old and excellent on pheasants. Last season we got 25 birds on a Hunting Club that has since gone out of business.

Tide is Bart's son and is about 4.5 months old. Tide is a bundle of energy and is now getting his new teeth and is chewing up everything. He was fetching bumpers a month ago and is doing very well on water fetches of about 10 yards or so. He is still a little afraid to swim out into the slough much farther than that.

Tide needs to upgrade. I like Henry Weinhard's best....
I took Tide on a camping trip up to Capps Crossing and he was fetching bumpers as far as I could throw them and was marking well even when the bumpers fell out of sight over a rise. Here is a picture my firend took. Tide was supposed to sleep on his little blue pad, but sometime in the night it must have gotten too cold for him.

Happiness is a Lab puppy... from Varmint Al


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I just picked up a English Springer Spaniel pup about a week ago. I hope to teach her on my own to hunt birds. Her name is Bailey, and she only 8 weeks old. Any advice on getting her started while she is still a pup is appreciated.



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I'm from SoCal, San Diego specifically.

I have a 1 1/2 Year old Blonde Lab named Emily.

We have completed obedience classes and are now looking to do some finish work for Upland and Waterfowl.



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We have 4 labs-Hunter, Nacho, Dyna and Star.

I began running them in hunt tests 3 years ago, although have owned and trained labs for 16 years.

Hunter is also my husband's duck hunting buddy.



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First of all, JLNLisa welcome to JHP.

I have two dogs a 10 year old Scottie bitch that is .... well the best way I can put it, "it's her world and we are just along for the ride".

I also have a YLM that will be 6 months old at the end of June. Training him for hunting, things are going well so far.


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Field bred English Springers. I just put one of my best dogs down at 15, he was one hell of a dog in his day. My 4 year old ESS has won two trials and has a placement. He is an awsome hunting dog and we go everywhere, and hunt everything that flys. My 9month old is still a work in progress but things are looking good. Great nose, speed,lots of bird drive, hard flush and a soft mouth. With luck she will be steady and ready to trial and hunt in a couple of months.
We live in AZ with a houseful of dogs. All brittanys and all hunting fools. At this time there is eight pups and Rusty the sire, Lady the dam, Bullet who thinks he is a puppy but hunts like a pro and Dot who still is a puppy and is learning fast.



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Here is a picture of my Llewellin Seter, Molly. We live in Upland, Ca. Molly is only 2 so this is really her first hunting season. Last year there were so few birds that it doesn't count, right ?



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I hail from Long Beach, Ca. since '72 after escaping the father land of what is fondly known today as the "hood", Compton, Ca. I've been hunting since my father, brothers and uncle taught me as a kid. I have gravitated to hunting upland game only. I have a little bit of a itchy trigger finger, so bird hunting allows me to pop a few caps, rather than gettin into shootin cans.(I'll remain politically correct with the cans).
I spent a full six month season at Raahauge's huntin afternoons without a dog and got to see every breed imaginable out there. I'd come home and tell my wife all about this dog and that dog, like she really cared, till she was blue in the face. One day, she brought home from her work, a pamphlet about these dogs I'd never knew about. Her customer brought it to her because my wife had been telling her clientle about my afternoons afield. The dog on the cover looked like a Weimeriener, but the photo was black and white so I couldn't tell the color of the dog. Turns out, it was a Vizsla, there was was a brief history and breed standard, etc. about the dogs and they sounded pretty good. I owned a German Sheperd at the time and the wife didn't want another dog! I informed her then and there that the next dog we'd own was going to be a bird dog. Well, the shep died, and that night, there was an ad in the paper for these vizslas she taught me about. My son and I drove to San Diego and brought home a pair of littermates, two males, Amos & Andy. Amos lived to be eight and Andy lived to be eighteen. He was almost snow white when he headed for the happy huntin grounds. I have owned and hunted with four different vizslas so far and have toyed with the idea of trying another breed, but I can't seem to break away. They have all been so full of instinct, desire and love that I don't think I could break away. I'm actually thinking of breeding my current dog to my best friend's new male he imported ffom Nebraska, out of one of the most nationally known vizsla kennels in the country. They have been very good dogs for me and have done every thing I need them to do, Point, retrieve, honor, guard the family and house and leave enough room in bed so I can get a good nights sleep. If you've never considered one before, just log onto vizsla and you'll find all the info you'll ever need to pursuade into seriously considering one, they're great!


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I'm the proud owner of a 2 year old male springer named Tucker, this is going to be his first real year hunting quail and the like.
We live in Chino Cal. and he was trained by Patrick Callahan at Gameland Kennels.
HIs natural instinct and drive is amazing but he still peters out in the heat.
Its going to be a good hunting year and really looking forward to working him into a real prise.


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Im from central Indiana

I have a rescued GSP, I found her out behind my house by the river. I heard coyotes yapping and carrying on like they do when they have something cornered. I grabbed the rifle and headed out across the cornfield.

As i got close i could see they had this poor little dog backed into the hillside under a root wad. I was able to get within 20 yards or less before I cut loose on the coyotes. (my coyote gun is an AR15) there were five and I blasted four of them.

I collected the gsp, she was skin and bones! her eyes were cloudy and she was bad sick. I was kind of affraid of her at first but she came around real quick.

I carried her home and called my hunting buddy who's lady friend is a vet. She came out to the house and checked her out. Extreme malnurished, she weighed 12 pounds. You could see every bone the dog has. Several infections eyes, urinary, runny nose and so on.

To make a long story even longer.....................
She was nursed back to health, she is happy, got all her weight on, and thinks she runs the house. I think that she is really gratefull for the rescue. She loves my wife and kids so much and she tries to please so hard. You cant ask for a better dog for keeping an eye on the kids. She goes from room to room and checks on them while they are asleep. If one of them stays after school and doesnt come in on the bus it makes her nervous because she cant find them. She has never messed in the house, new what a crate was and goes and gets in it when we put our shoes on. she even closes the door. ( I dont have to latch it, she stays in it till I tell her come out)

We named her HOBO, she is about 2years old now. I found her on 10/31/02.
She is the best dog I have ever had, I really hate to call her a dog because she is more of a member of the family. She is so smart it is crazy. I could write on and on but I will save that for another post!

Sorry for the long post I just love my GSP!

There is no love greater than that of a dog for its human companion! Not to mention the only true loyalty that you can find.

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