Where Are You From & What Kind of Handgun?


How about some short introductions?

Where are you from?

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most or are you a target shooter?

Do you shoot competition and if you do, where do you shoot?

Who taught you how to shoot?

What kind of handguns do you have?

What was your 1st handgun?

What is your favorite handgun?

What is your favorite handgunning memory?

What is your dream handgun trip or moment?


My name is Jesse and I live in SoCal.

My 1st handgun was a Randall .45 auto.

The military taught me how to shoot a handgun.

My favorite game to hunt is hard to say, turkeys, quail, waterfowl etc.

Right now I have a Randall and Paraordnance P12 .45s. I sold my Ruger .357 and need to replce it.

Favorite handgunning memory would be a double on zooming doves near Cabazon Ca. I'm not used to hitting doves so popping two on one swing was epic for me.

Dream handgun hunt for me would be taking a hog on a long stalk.


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I'm in chino Ca

I like hand gun hunting anything I can get close to.

My first hand gun was a bryco .380 POS

My favortie Hand guns are My Freedom arms .50 ae
Tc contender .22 hornet And kimber eclipse 1911 45 acp.

My best hand gun hunting exp was a ram I shot at 105 yards.
I would like to some day hunt africa with a hand gun.


Well handguns have always been my favorite firearms. My first was a Iver Johnson .22 revolver. Wish I still had it.
Learned how to shoot them as a police explorer in 1966, and have been shooting them ever since.
Now I have more than I can remember.
My work gun is a Glock 23C .40 cal. along with a Glock 26 9mm.
For hunting I really like the big bore's, with my favorites being a Freedom Arms .454 Casull, Colt Anaconda .44 mag, S&W 629 .44 mag.
My .22s browning Buckmark is still probably the most fun to shoot. But The Freedom Arms is by far my favorite.
Dream handgun hunt would be Africa and the .454.


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I am from N. Alabama, and I have owned handguns all my life, my first was Colt .22 Peacemaker that I got for Christmas as a teen. I still have that gun and have taught my sons how to shoot with it. I have never hunted big game with a handgun, but I plan to this year. I bought a Ruger .44 mag SRH last summer, and after several frustrating months, I gave in and got a scope. Now I am shooting pretty good with it and plan to hunt whitetails this year. Recently added Wolff spring kit, smooth as silk. I love it.


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Where are you from? Roanoke County, VA

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most or are you a target shooter? Turkey hunter by birth, but also whitetail, coyote (both with pistol at times) grouse and small game.

Do you shoot competition and if you do, where do you shoot? Not yet, wanting to start shooting IDPA when I get a chance.

Who taught you how to shoot? Dad for long guns, Uncle Sam for handguns.

What kind of handguns do you have? Glocks, Taurus, S&W, Browing

What was your 1st handgun? Browning Hi-Power MKIII 9MM

What is your favorite handgun? same as above

What is your favorite handgunning memory? When I gave Dad his first handgun for Christmas, a S&W 19 .357 mag (his dream handgun)

What is your dream handgun trip or moment? Hmmmm.... my new Wilson Combat 1911 .45acp (a dream) at Thunder Ranch (also a dream)


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La Verne Ca.
My first hand gun : Colt .45 Combat Commander (still have)
Dad initially taught all us kids on Colt single action .22 with fake plastic horn grips, which he still has.
Joined Sheriff's Dept and had a K frame .38 combat master piece which I should have bought when they phased them out when we went to the Beretta 92b. (which i hate). When I went to patrol I bought myself a S&W model 581 (fixed sight) 4" .357 mag ( of course the duty ammo was 110 gr +P at the time) which I still have! I also bought a S&W mod. 38 (airweight) for off duty and a Beretta mod. 8045 .45cal for on/off duty (still have both).
I would love to buy a Single action handgun in .45LC and hunt pigs with it.



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My first was a nickel 6in. S&W mod.19. Sweet gun. Big mistake getting rid of it. Ruger .22 auto. And now TC Encores. I really love hunting with it. The only problem is, I never shoot my rifles anymore. The TC is more accurate.
X-9a, here we come!


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First handgun: EAA single action .22 LR Still have it, got rid of it, and was lucky enough to reaquire it.

Favorite Handgun: .44 mag ruger Redhawk 5 1/2" Close second kimber Custom Classic II . 45 ACP. Hunting pistol Ruger SRH .454 casull 7 1/2"

Pop's taught me how to shoot.

No competitive shooting yet, but would like to.

I hunt what ever I can hit or at least get close enough to get a shot at.

Dream hunt: Alaska grizz first, africa second


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I am from mid-Missouri and have always had an interest in handguns.A friend got me introduced to them years ago.There are several in my closet,but my favorites are a Taurus in .357 topped with a 4x scope,my little Smith model 66 in .357,and my T/C running a 7mm-08 topped with a 2-7x Redfield.I have shot a couple of hogs,and this year on my first attempt at deer,I got a nice 9 pointer.
My first was a Ruger single six .22.
My dream hunt would be a black bear with a handgun.



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''m from northern Kalifornia, about a hundred miles south of the Or border.
I've owned many handguns. I now have two ruger single six's, a ruger 22 pistol, a p-89, a
ruger gp100, a S&W 41 mag, a browning highpower, a rodeo 45Lc and a colt 1911
45ACP. There are a few black powder revolvers in there too.
My dad taught me to shoot rifles and handguns before I was 10.
I've shot a few pins and steel plates, but no longer shoot competition.
My best memory with a handgun was shooting a blackbear across a campfire. He was
getting a little pushy about taking my food. He didn't get my food, or any other food ever
again. My new wife and I were packed in for our honeymoon. She had never been on a
pack trip before, and had never even seen a wild bear before that evening.
My favorite handgun was a 6? Python that I traded off. I screwed up when I did that. I?m
after another one right now, and this is going to be an expensive lesson.


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HI I am from afton N.Y . my favorite thing to hunt is deer and coyotes. my first pistol was a 44 srh and now 454 srh. thats what i love to hunt with .my father showed me how to shot and hunt. my best memory was when I got my first deer with 44and 454 srh.dream hunt go out west and hunt elk or mule deer,and I like to target shooting with handguns. I put a red dot scope on the 454 srh and I got a tighter grouping and last year I got a good running deer shot &kill. good hunting &shooting


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Im from Evergreen, Colorado
I have many hand guns but enjoy shooting a Kimber 45 and you wouldnt guess it but I love my 3 inch mod 971 Rossi in 357.
Only hand gun hunted once and shot one of our mule deer with a Smith 44 mag.
Getting ready now for our elk and deer season comming up on the 17th. No hand gun for that, a 300 win mag and my Kimber for a carry gun.


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This will be my first post so let me start by saying Hi.

I'm Nate and I live in central Indiana.
I mainly and a target shooter, but I would like to start handgun hunting eventually.
I used to compete in IDPA until work got in the way, but maybe someday I will make it back to a match.
My dad taught me how to shoot when I was 5. He started me out on a S&W 422, which I still have a shoot.
I only have a few handguns now, but they include a Kimber Custom, S&W 629 Classic, Ruger Single Six, and of course my 422.
My favorite handgun would have to be my Kimber Custom, because it is my carry gun, and I just plain like it.
My favorite hand-gunning memory would be my dad teaching me when I was 5.


I live in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. It is about 12 miles east of Columbus. I have lived there all my life except for the four years I spent in the Air Force.

I mostly hunt deer these days. I started hunting them with a pistol as soon as the state allowed. Which I believe was about 10 years ago now.

I do not shoot competition, although it does sound interesting to try.

My father taught me how to shoot and hunt when I was young. All my uncles hunted to so when hunting season came around there was always a lot of excitement.

I have a Thompson Center Contender with the following barrels, .44 Mag., .444 Marlin, .357 Maximum, .17 HMR. All of these have 14" barrels or less. I also have a Ruger Super Blackhawk in .44 magnum and A Ruger Vaquero in .45 Long Colt. These are all the pistols that I hunt with. I do however have additional ones for plinking.

My first handgun was a Ruger Single Six that my parents got me when I was young. I still have it in the gun safe today.

My favorite handgun would be a tough decision. The Super Blackhawk was my fathers that he bought back in the early 70's. It is an old 3 screw model and has a lot of fond memories attached to it. For actual hunting though I would have to say my Contender is my favorite. I have taken a lot of deer with it and the .44 magnum barrel. My hunting buddies call it "Black Death". With the Pachmyer grips the gun looks all black and it has killed just about everything it has fired at.

I have two good memories of handgunning. the first would be going out with my father and shooting that Ruger Single Six. Just a lot of good memories of shooting targets and pop cans. The second would be the first deer I took with a pistol. It was with a Colt trooper in .357 Magnum. At 25 yards I put one 158 grain JHP bullet right in the front of his chest. I think it actually surprised me when that 6 point went down.

I would love to go wild boar hunting with either my dads Super Blackhawk or my Contender. That is probably the more realistic hunt I would like to take. However, black bear hunting would be a dream hunt for me.

Thanks, this was a good topic to post on. Hope this wasn't to boring for anyone.


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I live in Kalifornia ,My first handgun was a .50 muzzle loader , I now have 8 handguns and have/do/will hunt small game and predators with them . Pops taught me the basics when I was a kid . My contender is the most accurate handgun I have and with 5 barrels from 22 to the .357 herrett It will handle most any local game but for easy packin I take one of my rugers in .45 colt of witch there are 3 . Handloading for the 45 can be mild to wild !
hellothis is my first post here. i'm from smalltown iowa, my favorite handguns are a new dan wesson razorback, several hk usp's, a s&w j frame 38, and some collector colts. i do not shoot competition although i would love to, but i work in a gun shoppe, so all i do all daylong is play with guns so i spend my time doing other rec stuff such as riding dirt bikes and hunting. my ultimate hunt would probably be hunting the deadly seven in africa with the ever venerable freedom arms 454!!! with that said i'll quit there and continue to browse the forums!! ps, has anyone here ever hunted with a 10mm, if so, ever taken a deer with it?


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Hi, my name is Erick and I am from Maine. My first handgun was a High Standard .22 and I currently ahve a Ruger Super Blackhawk hunter in 44 topped with a Leupold 2x scope. My best memory was watching my dad shoot a running fox at 75 yds with that high standard, he hit it right behind the ear! This is my first year hunting deer with a handgun and I hope to score during the last week.


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Hello, my name is shawn and im from california. my first handgun was a Ruger P95 9mm. My favorite is my Glock20 10mm with trijicon night sights. I love to hunt wild pigs and turkeys. my dream gun would be Desert eage in 50 AE. , Smith and wessons .500 or Ruger .480. i kind of taught myself how to shoot. my parents would never let me shoot a gun growing up. A good friend of mine introduced me to shooting and have been hooked ever since.Dream hunt.. Africa dangerous game . :JHP rocks:

galiuro mountain man

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My favorite handgun I have is my Taurus Raging Bull 454 Casull Hunter Edition in matte black stainless steel. I have a 2x6 power scope on it and I am very accurate with it. I quit shooting my Ruger Blackhawk as soon as I got it, and I gave it to my wife when we were married. This thing attracts crowds at the rifle range. I shot my wifes rifle, then she did. Then I shot my rifle, and without even moving my target up closer I pull out "the cannon". Immediately people were standing around me, and I hadnt even fired a shot. I aim, then shoot, boooom. I turn and look down the firing line and everyone is just staring at me. I had about 25 people around me now, so I shoot 4 more and then it is break time, so I go to check my target and had about half of them follow me to my target. I look at where I hit and say I am a little out of practice with it, you should have seen the jaws drop! I shot a 2" group with 5 rounds in the upper center of a 3" circle at 100 yards. I am almost as acurate with this as I am my rifle. I did have a good rest though.



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Where are you from? central PA, but moving to Smith Mountain Lake VA in 3 yrs 22 weeks.

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most or are you a target shooter? Deer/squirrels, and punch lots of paper.

Do you shoot competition and if you do, where do you shoot? 22 gallery, william penn pistol league. hope to break 500 before i die.

Who taught you how to shoot? an uncle and a friend in the army.

What kind of handguns do you have? 44 and 38 cap n ball, tc encore (30/30 Ackley improved and 45LC/410) - yes i handload. 22 ruger target, ruger p87 - 9mm. various CO'2 models

What was your 1st handgun? Hawes 44 magnum. Ejector rod flew off after 3 shots. accurate enough for barn shooting - from inside.

What is your favorite handgun? all of them, depends on the task at hand. the cap n balls for pure fun.

What is your favorite handgunning memory? last year was my first.

What is your dream handgun trip or moment? my first two deer with the t/c, one with each caliber

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