Where Are You From & Where Do You Backpack Hunt?

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Hi guys,

I'm from France (originaly) and moved back in southern California with my wife in september 2005.
Over there I did a lot of backpacking hunting (only with the bow) in the French Alps for wild goat and wild boar ( population are explosing cause not enough hunters!!!!)
I only use my 70 pounds Black Widow

Waiting to meet someone able to show me some nice place to go hunting in D 15 D 16 zone[/b]
Yo Sebastien, Scott from San Diego here. It seems we share the same taste in forums.

I'm still up for tramping around the Cleveland National Forest some time if you are.


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I'm originally from McCloud (N.Cal) and hunted rifle for many years. Took up the bow about 10 yrs ago when I lived in Illinois to take advantage of the 3 month season. Since returning to Cali, I make a sojourn into the N Cal wilderness for deer/bear, as well as the Oregon wilderness with my bro for elk. Absolutely love hunting with my camp on my back, but it is definitely not for the faint of heart or weak-legged. I've yet to connect with the bow but I'm sure it'll happen this year!

I too use Cam Hanes' books. He just came out with a new one btw, called Backcountry Bowhunting. (Actually, I helped his brother Pete pack his bull out last season). His stuff pretty much covers everything you need to know. Bottom line ---- get in shape!


I live along the front range of the Colorado Rockies and have hunted big game so far exclusively in Colorado. This will be my first year backpack hunting, and after my souting trip last week I think I will enjoy the seclusion and adventure of carrying it all on my back as opposed to having a base camp.

My tag this year is for antlerless elk in NW Colorado, in the Routt National Forest. I hunt with a Ruger M77 in 7mm Rem Mag. Have not considered bow hunting, but would enjoy trying black powder. I am primarily trying backpack hunting this year since the unit is typically overrun with blaze. But I think I will enjoy it enough to give up the comforts of base camp.

My dream hunt would be a hunting / fishing trip to AK.


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I'm new to backpack hunting. Although I've backpacked in So. Cal. and in Utah, I haven't hunted while backpackin', I'm really looking forward to goin over to the Island (Catalina Island) this season to pack hunt and get ready for next year's pack hunt in Utah. using a bow now, taken deer with rifle but really into bows now, no luck this year in Utah with bow but there's a lot of bucks east of Cedar city, just couldn't get close enough.


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I am new to bowhunting. Got my first bow (Mathews Switchback) last October and went on a pig hunt in June and Deer hunt this month. So far I am unsuccessful.

I have not gone backpack hunting, but went on a backpack fishing trip this year (Sequioa NF) and last year(Los Padres NF). I am shooting for a backpack hunt next year....maybe A zone or D-11/D-13 depending on conditions. Have not decided if I will take bow or rifle yet. If anyone is interested in something like this, let me know.

Willy P

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What a great forum. I remember spectr17 from quite a few years ago on a forum other than this one. He gave me a great tip on UTM info and it really helped me out. I used to do some moderator work for AllOutdoors ( dead now from the dot com crash ). I live in Cent. OH and archery, blackpowder, and handgun hunt here. I dearly love to go to Cent. WY and hunt mulies backpack style when I can draw a tag there. Some fellas from the Dayton area got me started going there in the 80's when we could get a tag every year. It is not like that now days. The area has about a 18% draw rate now. I'm interested in seeing what the points system will do for that. I've been lucky enough to retire ( for now ) at 50 so I can hunt and backpack more. I'm planning a scouting trip to "My" mule deer area in WY this summer for about a week with a stop to scout antelope near Douglas, WY on the way back. Draw for them is 100% still .


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Hey Guys,

Well, I was born and raised in S. CA., and started backpaking with my Dad in my youth. Mostly jsut weekend stuff, but i really loved it and the time he spent with me. My last yourthful backpack trip was behind Mammoth when i was 16. The local Rec. Dept. sponsored a trip and a friend and i went along. We we in the high country for 5 days, and it was quite a time !! Then i went to college, got married and had kids and we started the beach camping as San Elijo. Started out when the kids were little in a tent, and abou t7 yrs ago moved up to 5th wheel, FULL HOOK UPS..!!! But i started to get the itch for high country hunting about 3 yrs ago, and did my first car camping hunt in x10 2 yrs ago. This year, AFTER reading JHO, i decided to go for it. I drew x9b and headed up to the high country, between 10,000 - 11,000'. I didn't get my deer yet, but i did find the honey hole, and next year plan on going for 4 days instead fo 3 like this year. If anyone is planning on scouting the sierras in the spring, i would love to tag along.




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I got carried away and forgot to answer the questions.. hahaha

I hunt with a 30-06 Savage. My dream hunt woudl probalby be in YellowStone ....!!! Remember, this is supposed to be a DREAM...

Hi Everyone-I'm new to Jesse's page. I only just heard about it recently when an EBJ reader referred to it in a letter to Cameron Hanes. I think it's great. Believe it or not my only backback hunting has been "backcountry" turkey hunting. I hike about 3 miles around the back of a mountain and overnight in some landlocked public land--my own personal little honey hole. I took up bowhunting two seasons ago and last fall I was day hiking into the Goat Rocks Wilderness in Central Wash. and got my first elk. Next year I want to go deeper and "live" with the elk. Hope to learn a lot more from those that have done more in the coming months. See yah.


I have made one other post but thought i needed to make a formal introduction. I live in north eastern WY, about an hour from the Big Horn Mountains, where I spend my fall in the cloud Peak Wilderness Area chasing elk. I pack along a bow. I grew up bow hunting with my dad and can’t imagine another way. I would rather hunt with a bow and fail than pack along a rifle, and I know there are plenty of other bow hunter who feel the same way. There is just something about it, that can’t be described.

I love to chase elk in the high country, packing everything in and everything out. I moved here from MN a few years ago and feel in love with the spirit of the mountains. Growing up I could never have imagined a place where one could hunt for a week and never see another hunter, out here it is a reality.

For equipment I currently have a Gregory pack. But before scouting starts I'm going to up grade to a Badlands 4500 (it think, see other post). I have a down mat seven by Exped and it is the greatest sleeping pad I have ever used, bar-none. I also carry a Therma-rest, Ridge Rest. I know this is extra weight but to me its worth it. The Down-mat is the most comfortable and warm sleeping pad out there, but it is inflatable and a leak could be trip ending. So I back it up with a roll up Ridge Rest. The little extra weight (very little) adds reassurance and helps save wear and tear on my Bivy and the Downmat. Pulse I is great to sit on while glassing. I already mentioned my Bivy sack, an OR advanced Bivy. And lastly the other item is a Sil-tarp. For a few ounces it make waiting out a rain storm much more tolerable, giving me a dry place to do thing like cook and dry clothes.

Well I'm rambling and need to get back to work. So I just wanted to say hello to everyone and look forward to being a member of the forum.

Gillette, WY
I am kind of new to the backpack style of bivy hunting and have look to some of the more experienced hunters for help, but I am an athlete and tend to do well at things I apply myself. I love bowhunting and so i hope to combine some great adventures with some great stories soon!
I am from the Bay Area. I will be hunting A-17 (X9B) in CA and Arc Dome Wilderness in Nevada...Anyone interested in teaming up?

I started 3 years ago in Trinity Alp's and D6. Inspiration comes from Cameron Hanes' books and the boys at Eastman's HJ.

Just beginning to amass equipment. I put all my money on a new bow and premium spotting scope.

Equipment: Bowtech Guardian and Vapor trail sight.

Dream Hunt British Columbia - Sheep!!


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I began big game hunting just last year, but it was too late in the year to get a tag...this year my deer season has come to an end and I came empty handed but a little richer in experience...
I also read Cameron Hanes book and enjoyed it very much...pretty much I self thought my self and continue lerning as much as I can.

I bow hunt but if I could afford it I would also rifle and muzzleload hunting!

I only hunt public land and I'm already looking forward to meet other hunters to learn from and share experiences...
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