Where Are You From & Where Do You Fish?


Mar 11, 2001
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How about some introductions?

Where are you from & where do you fish?

What kinds of fishing rods and reels do you have?

What is your favorite fish to fish for?

Who taught you to fish and when was your 1st fishing trip?

What is your favorite fishing memory?

What is your dream fishing trip or moment.


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Aug 3, 2009
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I started saltwater fishing when my folks built a house (and pier) on Mobile Bay, over 40 years ago. All the fishing, swimming, boating, crabbing, skiing, etc gets into one's blood growing up in that environment, and helps one to appreciate what the "good Lord" has provided. Nowadays that includes my dear wife and our four fish-lovin children and our grandchildren.
I've fished the Gulf beach and inshore piers from Dauphin Island to Panama City since 1972 and still find it an enjoyable way to (usually ;-) catch a mess of fish. From sight-fishing for king mackerel to UltraLite for whiting it's all in the FUN and sharing!

How did I get a name like Pier#r ??
We used to have a local fishtalk radio program that I would call into occasionally, asking questions or giving fishing reports from one of the piers. One night the hosts were asking for callers, and one said "I wish that guy that's always pounding around those piers would call in a report. How'bout you, pierpounder." Well I did, and the nickname stuck! It only seemed natural to use the same 'handle' when I began posting reports on the internet in 1997 and folks from all over started to email questions and comments. One of them, Bill "WBRP" Pennington shortened the name by using the # key for 'pound'. So now it's just Pier # r :wavin hello:

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