Where Are You From & Where Do You Flyfish?


How about some introductions?

Where are you from & where do you flyfish?

What kinds of flyrods do you have?

What is your favorite fish to flyfish for?

Do you tie your own flies?

Who taught you to flyfish and when was your 1st flyfishing trip?

What is your favorite flyfishing memory?

What is your dream flyfishing trip or moment.


My name is Jesse and I live in SoCal.

My Dad taught me to flyfish in Missouri with his old cane flyrod and poppers for bass.

My 1st trip was probably in the middle 60s.

My flyrod right now is a a 9' Fenwick 2 piece graphite with a Cortland Vista RS reel.

My favorite fish to fish for is um, bass trout.

My favorite flyfishing moment would be hooking into a large trout at Lake Hemet in the early morning mist and fighting it for about 5 minutes only to have him break me off.

My dream flyfishing trip would be to Florida to flyfish for tarpon.


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I am Thonzberry & live in SoCal.

I learned how to fly fish on my own, the hard way as a kid.

First trip was when I was around 11, up at Twin Lakes.

I have 2 rigs I use. One is a Cortland GRF 1000 9' rod 6wt. with a Cortland CrownII reel, and my other one is a Eagle Claw GMF 300 7'6" rod 3wt. with a Eagle Claw GRM 45RC reel.

My favorite fish to catch is Trout, haven't tried Bass yet.

One of my Favorite Fishing trip was up in Montana, and this was before the movie "The River Runs Through It". I can watch it over and over, it brings back so many memmories.

My favorite moment would be, just to be on a river surounded by trees and the sound of the water trickling around my legs as I make a cast, and it wouldn't matter if I caught anything because it's all about that moment in time when everthing stands still and it just takes your breath away and you feel that much closer to heaven.

My dream trip would be to spend time fishing ever lake all over the US.


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My name is Mike and I live in South Florida.

Have a buddy who introduced me to Flyfishing only a couple of months ago and I love it.

All I have tried is some small lakes and canals around here but I usually get something. Mostly bluegill and bass.

Now I am going to learn to tie flys.

Also am looking forward to some salt water flyfishing.


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Hi my name is Brad I live in Indiana
My Grandpa tought me to fly fish when I was about 8 years old, now I don't go with out it.
My first trip was to MI where my uncle lived we cought rock bass, bass, perch and bluegills.
I have 2 fly rod (and a few old fly rod that he gave me) one is a willow creek rod with a south bend Ginger Quill reel the outer is a shakespeare with a martin auto reel.
My favorite fish to catch is bluegils, bass, trout.
I tried to tie my onw flies but that did not work they came out looking like I could use them fo sharks.
My favorite trip was to lake tannycomo in Branson, MO.
My dream trip would be to go fish for Steelhead anywhere.


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My name is David and I am from Bainbridge Island WA. The home of Sage rods. I do have a couple of sages and I like them a lot but I try to make one rod per year, or just repair the ones I use in the salt.
I fish a lot of the local waters around the island fishing for Searun cutthroat and salmon. I have been fishing for as long as I can remember and have broken my share of my dad's rods and plenty of mine. Kids are tough on gear.
While at school down here in socal,(malibu) I try to make it up to Hot creek or the lower owens 3 or 4 times per year. I would much rather fish streams and rivers that lakes but I will take what I can get.
I tie many of my own flies but dont really like to mess around with the size 16s and smaller. I also guide in the summer when not playing baseball.
My favorite trip is one that I do every year to New Bruswick Canada for Atlantic salmon. We fish the restigouche river 9 days for the origional salmon.
I have a ton of memories from but no real favorite. My first atlantic was a huge accomplishment that I wont soon forget, but also my first days with big success on my own are still fresh in my mind.
My favorite rivers would be the Restigouche, Deschutes, and North Umpqua.
I would love to go to New Zealand or Argentina, and until then I need to get back to the Keys and catch a tarpon. I have hooked one but he got off after 5 minutes or so. One of the biggest thrills ever.


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My name is Lance and I live in Northern Nevada. I learned to flyfish at about 6 or 7 from my Dad and his friends. I recently moved out here from Colorado, where I grew up and lived for 30 years. I have a few rods, though the
one I use the most is a Thomas&Thomas 9' 5wt. My favorite fish to catch are wild brown trout with red salmon a close second. I tie my own flies. My favorite river is the Arkansas in Colorado. My favorite trip was to Alaska 15 years ago, though my annual trip to our shack in Colorado is really special too. My dream trip would be Argentina.


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Fritz here from So. Cal.

I started to fly fish about 10 years ago with a course out of Marriotts. I love to floattube for trout on Crowley. I placed tied for 10th in the Double Haul in the Fall 5 or 6 years ago. I also love to work Hot Creek, either public or private, using dries and nymphs where allowed.

First fish was a 12" rainbow caught off the boat ramp at June Lake using a green wooley bugger with a yellow tail at sunset. Took the fly off and sits a shelf.

Rods: 9' 6-7wt Scott Brightwater Rod; Fenwick 8 1/2' 4 wt won at a Pasadena Casting Club dinner that was donated the speaker, the late Michael Fong; and custom made 5 wt "Hot Creek" special made by Bill Heath.
Ross Reels: Cimmeron C-3; Gunnison G-2;
Lines: 9 wt shooting head (basic surf/bay rig); Teeny 200 and 300; Fenwick 4wt DT; 6wt floating DT ?

Favorite fishing times:
Fishing the Deschutes in Oregon by myself one July afternoon (wife was attending a convention in Portland, so I took off to go fish). Dabbling for trout on the edge of the river with a 22 Elk Hair Caddis. It was a blast. Only caught 6 fish, but kneeling through the reeds, spotting a fish, flip out the fly, let it drift down, watching the trout load up and WHAM. It was reallllllly kewl! Did have one big fish (I say Steelhead) break me off in the middle of the river. Made my Ross reel sing out.

Surf fishing with the old crew out of San Diego Fly shop the Friday, at the crack of dawn on Blacks Beach, after Thanksgiving 5 years ago. Hooked up a 12" perch that really put up a fight. Guys were great and friendly. Shared flies and enjoyed each others catches.

Casting flies at sunset on June Lake by the reeds. Never know what might hit.

Dream Trips:
Casting flies off uncrowded beaches in Baja.
Fishing the honey hole 1 mile south of Lake Powell.
Alaska for salmon/trout/grayling


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My name is Butch.

My grandpa took me fishing for trout at Montauk State Park in Missouri back in the 60's when I was just a kid about 6 or so. He gave me a Western Auto Revelation 4 wt. 8 foot rod and one of the old auto reels which I broke real fast.

Since then I have fished all of the State Parks in Mo. a lot with a friend and family. Mostly a Friend and myself used spining outfits until I started to bitch about using flyrods (he just wanted to catch a lot of fish instead of a few on a flyrod) and next thing I new we were signed up for classes on flyfishing through St. Louis Parks and Wildlife.

Then I got transfered to Texas and got out of the fishing thing mostly for work for 11 years now except for everynow and then we still get together for a fishing trip somwhere. Well I am about a month away from retiring and moving back to Mo., and back to flyfishing again regular. Meantime, he got good. I mean real good with the flyrod. I mean obcested. Figures

My best time on the water was a few years back in New Mexico on the San Juan river. The trout is big. Real Big. The fightingest fish I have ever caught. I recommend the trip to everyone.

My friend even learned to build rods in the classes we started to take and he got to finish. So I have a few custom rods he built for me. Sage XP 586, Sage LL4711, a Sage RPL 690, a store bought Sage VPS 490, and a store bought Temple Forks Outfitters 6 foot 2 wt. All lamson LP reels that were recommended to me while I was on vacation in Yellowstone some years back.

He also learned to tie flies a lot. I just learned a little but he will teach me.

Well, now I am a Grandpa and she is 7 and it is her turn. She says (but Papa that 4711 is just my size. ) Fat Chance Kid. You get the Temple Forks.

YES YES YES after 31 years I am RETIRING. Put out the sign Ma. GONE FISHING


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Where are you from & where do you flyfish?
Hi my name is Bob Weber, I live in the northern Adirondack mtns in NY, on Upper Saranac Lake. I flyfish the lakes, ponds rivers and streams around my house. We are blessed here with over 2,000 named lakes, 12,000 miles of rivers, and lord only knows how many miles of creeks and streams. All great fly water.

What kinds of flyrods do you have?
Geez. everything from 1 wts to 15wts and everything in between. I prefer a 8 foot 5 wt or a nice 2wt most days, though for big pike I need to throw a 8 or 9wt, lots of st.croix around here.

What is your favorite fish to flyfish for?
tough one. pike in th espring is great, those 4 and 5 foot torpedoes attacking our pikeabous are just incredible. smallies are always tops on any list for dry and popper action. steelies and specks are right up there too. how about a 4 way tie.

Do you tie your own flies?

Who taught you to flyfish and when was your 1st flyfishing trip?
My brother Ed taught me to fly fish, he was tired of guiding fly anglers in our family shop and more or less made me take it up to free him up! how about being forced to fly fish! My first fly trip was in the early spring of 1975, I caught one fish all day. learned alot though, still learning and trying to break that one fish record set all those years ago....

What is your favorite flyfishing memory?
kind of a bittersweet memory is of two of my brothers waking me while it was still dark and us rigging the rods while the mist swirled around the loons. there is something magical and other worldly when the first rays of light hit teh dew on spider webs and the herons sail noiselessly across the bay to the little tannin stained creek. We spent a couple hours catching rainbows off our dock, and Ed fried them with Mickey's potatoes, onions and bacon and we sat and ate a long and leisurely breakfast, promising we would do this the first weekend of the season every year. They are all gone now, and so is th ehouse we ate in, but that was a real good day. I never tasted fried trout so good again in my life.

What is your dream flyfishing trip or moment.
Oh, I guess everyday I shake out line through the guides is a great trip. for the future? I'd like to take a day to myself, maybe bring a friend, and drop a canoe into a real pretty little brook I know where we can catch those dark backed specks on white millers all day long.


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Aloha Kakaheaka !
My name is Rob Marchino,and I live on Kauai. We have a stocked trout program here on Kauai,with an open season lasting about two months.I enjoy flyfishing here for these trout ( my largest was 5 lbs.) I also ocean flyfish for OIO
( bonefish ),and Papio ( jack crevalle ) . I hope to flyfish for AHI ( yellowfin tuna ) and MAHI-MAHI ( dolphinfish )some day.

My Dad taught me how to hunt ,and fish when I turned 8,and I've been hooked ever since! Thanks Dad!

I will be in Salt Lake City ,Utah next month for 6 weeks so that I can take Fire Officer classes .I'm hoping to get some fishing in while I'm there so if anyone knows any good spots to fish ( catch and release ) let me know.I'll be free from the classes FRI,SAT,and SUN each week.Hopefully I'll find something interesting to do in the SLC area.
Aloha,and Mahalo !



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Bill from So Cal. I'm a fossil,started fly fishing with a zest after graduating from the Univ of AZ upon return to NYS. I was taught a bit about it by Roy Steenrod of DeBruce,NY (tied the adams and royal coachman)when I attended the NYS Conservation Camp sponsored by a gun club at approx 13 yrs of age.Been fly fishing about 58 yrs started on streams in the Catskill Mtns :Neversink,Delaware,Willowemoc,Beaverbrook,Beaverkill,etc., plus many other streams and lakes.Fished the SB Mtn streams:Deep Creek,Bear Creek,Santa Ana creek plus lakes .Also many, many streams & lakes in the Marble Mtn Wilderness in the Klamath National Forest in Siskiyou County,CA while hiking and backpacking.Also fished streams and lakes in Montana.Worked in Central Valley NY where H.L. Leonard rods were made but couldn't afford the $250+ for a rod as a summer gov't worker in 1959 they're now selling to collectors for $5800.I have several fly rods that serve my purpose.When backpacking I carried a fenwick but usually fished with backpack spinning rod using a clear plastic bubble,swivel and dry fly got lots of limits to feed the 4 of us.


hello im also a fly-fisher from UT..catch browns and rainbow trout..
i always fish with my dad and brother at the Green River

Capt. Nixon

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Andy from Simi Valley, CA.

Rods/Reels: Custom 7'6" 3wt (by Gary Scheulke) w/Lamson Raduis 1.5
St Croix Avid 9' 5wt w/Scientific Anglers System 2 reel
St Croix Avid 9' 8wt w/Scientific Anglers System 2 reel

My brother got me into flyfishing back in '93 or '94...we did most of our fishing on the Owens, Bishop Creek and Crowley. I haven't picked up any of my rods since '02 on a trip to Bishop Creek. I am happy to say that I got re-infected with the fever and am going on my first trip in four years. I am headed up to the Eastern Sierras this weekend.

Favorite Flyfishing trips/memories:#1 has to be fishing for Arctic Grayling in Alaska. My Dad, two brothers and I went to Alaska in '99 for a week of fishing. We took a floatplane to some lake in the middle of nowhere to fish for Grayling; which i had never heard of prior to the trip. The lake was completely calm and glassy when we first got there. I got a nice-sized Grayling on my very first cast! sweeeeeeet. And according to the pilot...all the Grayling we caught were considered trophy-sized.

#2 catching my first wild Golden...only about 6 inches long...but nice to look at

#3 Float tubing on Crowley and trying to get to shore and away from the lightning during a freak thunder storm

#4 fishing the Owens in May in 2 feet of snow and near-blizzard conditions.

I know 2 thru 4 aren't anything major...but they stick out in my head

Dream flyfishing trip: I really want to backpack in to some secluded place in the Eastern Sierras and catch wild trout....the cool thing is, this is totally do-able considering where I live...all i need now is backpacking stuff and a few xtra days off from work.

I would also love to visit Montana or Wyoming and I really want to go back to Alaska.

But first...I am going to make it my mission to make regular trips to the Eastern Sierras and explore all the various opportunities it has to offer. I am really anxious to try Hot Creek. I have done a lot of scouting for deer hunting trips up in that area over the last 2 years and I found a bunch of places I want to go back to and fish
I'm 66, retired, and live in Oakland, Ca.
I fly fish rivers all over California, including the Klamath, McCloud, Trinity, Pit, upper and Sacramento, Fall Creek, Hat Creek, Gualala, Russian, Truckee and American Rivers. I occasionally fish from kayak in the Delta and San Pablo Bay.
I have tied my own flies since I was 12 years old. I took a class from a rec center about 50 years ago so that I could learn how to do a whip finish. I have boxes full of flies for my favorite streams and fish. My all time favorite fly is called a double renegade. I found it in a magazine in the late 70's. I tie it on # 8 to 12 hooks. It has a red silk tag, rear tan/light brown hackle, rear peacock body, center white hackle, forward peacock body, and forward tan/light brown hackle. I use the cheapest hackle I have as it fishes best when the hackles flair back in the current with split shot (looking like a caddis emerging). I also fish it dry. I have to admit, after all the years of tying, that I love steelhead flies because of their great color combinations. On the other hand, my favorite fly for steelhead is a simple egg pattern fished as a dropper.
I have many great memories from fly fishing, but one of my all time favorites took place while fishing Putah Creek. I was fishing up a small backwater about 10 to 15 feet wide covered in a canopy of trees. At the same time a great blue heron was coming downstream fishing. When he came around the corner about a foot above the water we both went into survival mode trying to avoid each other, which we just managed to do, more in thanks to the effort of the heron then my dive to the right.
I look forward to reading about your outings and successes,
East Bay Ed


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Hey there, college student in the North Bay, been fly fishing for about 12 years and tying flies for about 9 months. My dad got me started throwing flies to stocked trout in Sierra Madre and havent stopped. Favorite place to fish is on the Eastern Sierras but chasing steelies on the Pacific Northwest comes in a close second. Favorite thing to tie so far have been wholly buggers, they are pretty easy and still catch their fare share of fish! Dont always catch something but just being in the river is all that matters. Pulled this pig out of last fall from my go-to river.
Cheers! Keep your lines tight! View attachment 78365 (I didn't have my waders on b/c the water level was so low, i was just perched on a rock. I didn't think that water could be holding a fish that big and had to get into the water to safely handle and release this amazing trout)
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