Where Are You From & Where Do You Hunt Hogs?


How about some introductions?

Where are you from and where do you hunt hogs?

Do you use a bow, pistol, spear or Rifle? What kind.

Who taught you how to hunt hogs and when was your first hog hunting trip?

What is your dream hog hunt?

I'm from southern California and started chasing hogs in 1980 when I moved to California. I hunt CA and Missouri. Missouri has a small hog population to hunt.

I currently use a PSE Coyote recurve and a 300 Winmag.

My dream hog hunt would be a trip to Hawaii or Germany to hog hunt.


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I'm from Southern California. I first hunted hogs in Northern Cal with my stepdad. Stopped and went strictly for upland game for many years and am now getting back into hogs/big game. I hunted Los Padres this year, but got into the game too late. I think I'll hire a guide next to try that. I would really like to find some fellow So. Cal guys to hit up some of the central coast regions next fall/spring! I shoot a .30-06 for hogs.


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Born and bred in Los Angeles. Moved a nice distance away from the hustle and bustle. Began hunting at an early age thanks to my Dad. I just recently started hunting pigs within the last 3 years. I ve seen plenty, got one. My bro got a nice boar at Tejon in Dec. My dream hunt would be a Tenessee boar hunt in those Smoky Mountains! I've been using the same BAR .308 for deer and now hogs for several years.....


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I'm another born and raised native Los Angeles type, and except for a few years in San Diego I've never left the L.A. area.... I reckon I just don't trust air I can't see.

Owing to the fact I'm retired military, my favorite hog hunting location is Vandenberg AFB.... close to home, great scenery, and access to the shower room in the gym.

Right now my dream pig hunt is just to get one.... I've only been in the field 4 times in the past 1-1/2 years and had no luck. But when I do get in the field I sometimes have my Bear compound bow, and always have my Winchester Model 94 in .45 LC with a +P load.




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I was born and bred in the central valley of California, but only started hunting hogs last year when I moved back from the bay area. I hunt hogs all over Madera and Fresno counties as well as in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

I have taken a hog on my Browning 7MM mag, but have hunted them with a Hoyt Cybertec and a Winchester Model 70 .300 mag.

My good friend and "uber guide" Don Martin has taught me the ins and outs of hog hunting, and my dream hunt would be a Russian Ural mountains hunt for hog.


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I have hunted 4 areas. 1) Fort Hunter Ligget, 2) Tejon South, 3) Tejon North (think there is a difference), and 4) Camp Roberts. Granted, we didn't hunt too hard in CR. However, I have taken an aprox. 150lb boar on the South of Tejon and an aprox 175-185lb sow on the North. First with a Marlin 336 W in .30-30 and Ruger in M77 Ultrarlight in .308. I use a Ruger .45 LC as a carry gun. Cor Bon 300 grs.

I await to carry the new T/C Black Mountain Magnum in .50 into Tejon. I have yet to zero-it. Will use .350gr Maxi-Hunter infront of fifty 50grs./volume pyrodex pellets.

I hope we can still hunt Tejon.


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I too am from the central valley. I've hunted the central coast. LaPanza, FHL, Roberts, Laguna and Clear Creek. I use a 742 30-06. Hoping to buy another bow this weekend and make the July 27th hunt at Camp Bob.


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i was born and raised in coalinga. ive hunted hogs all around the state. i mostly hunt private land in parkfield, los gatos canyon, priest valley, salinas,san miguel. i do hunt public land like condonpeak, clear creek, laguna, fhl, and los padres. shot my first hog in 88 at the ripe age of seven. i have been a part time hunting guide for 4 years now. i have killed hogs with every thing from a pocket knife to a 22 hornet to a 338 win mag to a bow. but my favorite hog gun would be my ruger m77 in 7mm rem mag. my dream hunt would be a gurney (sp?) hog in gemany.


I just started hunting hogs this year. I went on a guided hunt in the paso robles area. I got a 175 Lb boar with a recently built 240 wby mag, 100 grain Nosler Partition bullet. I am from the Sacramento area. I am also new to this board.


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I was raised in the Central Valley of California and moved to Santa Cruz 17 years ago. I hunted rabbits as a kid and have only recently gotten back into hunting. I have only been on one pig hunt with a friend on private land in the Panoche Valley. Saw a lot of tracks and roto tilling, but no pigs. I have learned a lot from reading the posts and appreciate the experienced guys sharing their knowledge. I hope to get a pig when I go to Big Sandy this week.


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Raised in the SF Bay Area. Grew up hunting on a family farm in VA where I shot just about everything that my grandfather wasn't raising. First hog hunt was on Catalina and after a bunch of years chasing girls, better jobs and small children, I have just recently gotten back into hunting. I have always bowhunted (Bowtech, VFT and TomKat) and just recently inherited a Marlin 336A 30-30 from my grandmother (yes she hunted with it!). I hope to take it out this fall in Sonoma and Medicino counties.

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Born on the River @ Memphis.
Crawled up on the bank just in time to see God take his first day of rest. (1951)

Been around this world 3 times and ain't never found a place better than right here in the US of A... Served this wonderful home of mine and watched some good men die.

Finally settled in sunny southern California (Anaheim) by personal choice, not accident of birth.

I really enjoy all forms of hunting, but the most fullfilling has to have been "Hunting Bobcats with a bow east of Fresno". Realizing you are being tracked by your quarry can give you a real rush....

Bad "Rotater Cuff" means I hunt with a rifle now. I sure miss the Bow, but the A-Bolt does a fine job.

God Bless All that partake of the wild bounty.

Delta Coyote

" :recall davis sign: and B. Boxer too.......


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Currently in Rancho Cucamonga, I have grown up in So Cal all of my 24 years. For the hogs, I hunt The Tejon as an exploratory member.

Ruger .257 Roberts MKII

My father and grandfather introduced me to the wonderful world of hunting and fishing as a toddler, THANK GOD!!! I started hunting pigs in February of this year and have been blessed with two fatty's thus far.

My dream hog hunt would have to be where ever I find my four inch tusker!!!

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Born and raised in San Diego. Can't seem to leave this place. Although the thought of hog hunting in my own county is nice. The only place that I have hunted pigs is the Tejon Ranch. Kinda spoiled. It's the closest spot to San Diego, by far. I've taken three hogs for four trips. (Rem30-06, Taurus357mag, and Wthrby7Mag.) I really want to kill a hog with my bow! Oh, and I just bought a muzzleloader, so that is going with me next trip. But, what I am enjoying the most is hog hunting with friends, and putting them on game. Very addicting sport. My dream is to to kill a big nasty boar, anywhere. I want it hanging on my wall, right over the bed. My wife will love that.


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I've been hunting hogs for about 10 years now. I hunt them with Ruger M77 in 308, Ruger RedHawk in 44Mag and my Darton Bow (Havent taken one with my bow yet). I hunt pretty much along the central coast and some public land around the lockwood area. I enjoy hunting pig cause its a year round season and it is quite a challenge. Hunting hogs is by far my favorite game to chase and I do it whenever I get a chance.


Im from Ceres CA.and have lived in the central valley my entire life.Never been hog hunting but planing on starting this year.I hunt deer and only have used archery.I hunt with a PSE single cam with a 70# draw rated at 295 fps.I know this will do the job but dont know where to go?Any suggestions?My dream hog hunt for now is anywhere I can bag my first hog.


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I'm from Long Beach, CA and I am currently going to college at the California Maritime Academy, just starting my senior year.

I like having a little distance between the pig and me, so I like using a rifle.

My first hog hunt was a little over two years ago and was a real blast. It was way more fun than any deer hunt I've been on.

Right now with school money is scarce, so being able to go on a good pig hunt is hard to come by. I've tried on public land, but most of you know how that goes. Pretty soon I'm going to try Vandenburg AFB or Camp Roberts and try my luck there. As soon as I graduate and make a few bucks, I hope to see you guys at Tejon.

My dream big hunt would be nowhere else but Central Cali.


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I'm a first time user here. I grew up on the coast in Monerey county and have run hogs with dogs since I was 11, I'm 30 now. Was going at least twice a week since I was 13 or so and besides a few years that I moved to Oregon for work, I still do. I hunt, or have hunted just about everywhere in central CA that has hogs but I live in the foothills of the Fresno area now. I don't have any private land to chase the hogs on close to home so if anyone is interested in catching hogs, and has a spot, let me know. I have the same hunting buddy that started me in this way back when who is 6 years older than me. We always lay off, for the most part, for a few months in the summer because it is so hot and dry, especially here, and because we are avid deer hunters too. Deer season is winding up and things are going to be cooling off soon so the hogs are once again taking the forefront. Things change over the years but right now we have mostly Catahoula crosses and a bulldog or two and if the hogs are there, we will catch them. This looks like a great site!


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My name is Anthony and I graduated from Ramona High School in Riverside, CA. I live in Twentynine Palms Now. When I hunt hogs I enter the raffle drawing at Lake Sonoma, I've seen hogs there but never got one. I hunt Holister, FT. HL, Los Banos Reservoir, Mendencino County, Lake County. I only got luckey three times, and that was in Capey Valley, Brooks, Lake Berryessa, Wilson Valley via Cache Creek CA. All on public land except Capey and Brooks. I use a .270 as a shooting iron.


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I have been a visitor of this site for a year off and on now. I mainly came here to learn how to build the game camera's. I still pop in here and there but time keeps me on the road, keeping up the country places and working for the deer herds.

Well I am out of Texas, born and raised along the Gulf Coast. Most of my family is from up in East Texas in Anderson County. I got into hog hunting mainy as a pest control issue.

They are so pleantyful here that most folks in the farm country just want them gone and don't care how they get that way. They have been responsible here, as well as across the country of terrible destruction of the forest, and farmlands, that they choose to live in.

I have hunted them mainly with pistols either with or without dogs. I have taken them with a .357, 10mm Auto, 41mag and 44 mag. I have also taken one big bruiser that alomst got me with my Thompson Contender in 7x30 Waters. They are also taken with which ever rifle I have with me at the time I see them during deer season.

We generally pick off several dozen each, through out the year, between my friend and myself. This past year I got my wifes nephew into the act as we just weren't seeming to put a dent into the population. He now has several to his credit also. We box all we can stand to and give most of the others that are fit to eat away to friends .

The one pictured below is the one that almost got me after it was shot through both shoulders. It got a finishing shot from my 25/06 as it passed by and I rolled out of it's way. It still went another 25 or so yards then turned to come back before giving it up.

I have several others pictured on my website as well as the biggest I have gotten to the barn. It was a huge sow, that we had to get the back hoe to haul in. We estimated it at somewhere over 400#. I have another one that is similar in size that I am hopeing to get with my pistol this year. I just need to wait till it's cooler so we will have plaenty of time to take care of it. It took two of us almost three hours to deal with the last one.


Good meeting you'all and good hunting.


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