Where Are You From & Where Do You Hunt Rabbits


How about some introductions?

Where are you from and where do you hunt rabbtis or squirrels?

Do you use a bow, shotgun or Rifle? What kind?

Who taught you to hunt rabbits or squirrels and when was your first rabbit or squirrel hunt?

What is your dream rabbit or squirrel hunt?

I'm from southern California and started hunting squrrels and rabbits in Missouri when I lived there. I hunted rabbits with my Ben Pearson recurve bow and squirrels with my .410. My Dad took me hunting a lot and my friend Jimmy and I would go rabbit hunting after school almost every day in the weedy ditches by our homes.

My dream hunt would be to get to hunt jacks, cottontails and squirrels the same day and have some good shots. That and getting to hear a beagle run the rabbits again like when I was young.


When I started out hunting, it was squirrel and rabbit hunting. I enjoyed the squirrel hunting the most. I used an old bolt action .410 shotgun and got my fair share of squirrels with that. After that, I started using a 22 rifle for squirrel hunting and that has been what I stuck with ever since. I have also enjoyed rabbit hunting and listening to the sound of the beagles run the rabbits as much as getting a shot. I never could figure out why those rabbits after jumped would make a big circle to where they had started from. I guess that they didn't realize that's where I would be.

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When I was 8 or 9 dad bought me an old used bolt action .410, paid $20.00 for it at a local gun shop. Grandson used it this season, will probably get him a 20 gauge soon. I was lucky to grow up where there were lots of cottontails, I probably shot a couple hundred a year, mostly with a .22. We ate them all, I was grown before I figured out people actually ate chickens, I thought you just kept them for the eggs.


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I hunt Jackrabbits & Cottontails with a bow here in northern Nevada, not to many squirrels living out in the desert, but we have qiute a few tiny little chipmunks


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I live in Moab, Utah and hunt cottontails with a single-shot 20 gauge and #6 shot. I started hunting rabbits with a bow and arrow as a kid living in southern California. My dream hunt -- which I've enjoyed several times already -- is hunting on a mild winter day during a light snowstorm, when the scent of sagebrush and junipers fills the air and the rabbits are venturing out of their burrows to forage between storms.

I live and hunt in SW Arkansas. This was a short Christmas Eve hunt during a rare early snow this year. Only had one of my three dogs in the pic. I dearly love rabbit hunting, but don't know how interested I would be were it not for the dogs.
I lived in Iowa when I was growing up. I'm now 54. Currently living in western Missouri. I used a .22 rimfire hunting squirrels and rabbits when I was young. Now I'm using a .17 airgun for squirrels, Crosman model 66. Very pleased with results. Haven't tried it on a wabbit yet. I also shoot crows with my Crosman. Shooting crows is real fun. Just throw some corn out on the ground, sit back and relax. Its almost like fishing. And since theres no loud bang it doesnt scare them away. My 18 yr old son shoots a Crosman .357 lookalike. He gets mad cause my pump is more powerful. Hi, my name is Wayne. I also have a 16 yr old daughter that won't touch any kind of gun which makes my son happy.


i live and hunt in Utah..jackrabbits are available all year round and you don't have to have permits to hunt them :D


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hello all,i am from the uk,i live in wales and mostly i am into hunting with dogs,at the moment i have 7,4 russels which i breed myself 2 lurchers and 1 collie,with the dogs i hunt fox,rabbit,squirrel,rats and other ground vermin,also do alot of shoting and fishing,speak to all soon,kev

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I live in Phoenix. Dad used to bring me into the woods with him while he hunted all the time long before I could carry a .22-great memories.

For squirrel we usually go SW of Flagstaff and we get lots of cottontails along with squirrels.

Mostly I like to use my scope sighted (Tasco 3-9 x 32) on a Marlin bolt 881 w/the tubular magazine. Sometimes I carry a Mossberg 835 in 12 GA with 7 1/2 shot for the squirrels way, way up in the top of a Ponderosa Pine.

Dream squirrel hunt would be to hunt with my brother and his sons in central MN. Their Grays and Fox squirrels are trophy size, and there are loads of them.


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I live in Bakersfield, CA and I usually hunt on private Ag. land ( when I get permission of course). Have hunted a little on public land, want to try Carrizo Plain but don't know any spots. I hunt both rabbits and ground squirrels with Savage 17HMR, .22 cal air rifle, and 12 gauge semi auto. Used to hunt tree squirrels in Oregon years ago but have not tried for them here.

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Was raised in Western Michigan and have hunted most all my life. Started out with an Iver Johnson 16ga. single when I was 9. Now live in Modesto, in the central valley of Kalifornia.
Just getting interested in Yotes and still looking for a place for them as well as jacks and squirrels. Started on ground squirrels with a 10/22. Now have a .243 and would also like to have a .204.
Going to check on BLM maps and try to find some public access to both varmints and predators.
Ya'll have a good one.

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Welcome to JHO! Hope you get that 204 soon-you'll love it. Mine is Howa (think Weatherby Vanguard) but Savage, Rem, Ruger, CZ and others all make fine 204's.


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My name is Frank and I have been lurking for a couple of years now. I would have contributed sooner but I didn't know it was so easy to reply (I thought I needed an email account and I am too lazy to set one up on my home computer).

I live in the Frazier Park area. I hunt jacks in the pinon pines around here. If you want a challenge try hunting these rascals in heavy cover.

In my opinion, they are much more wary than deer. At least deer usually stick around long enough to give you a good look.

With jacks, as soon as they see you, or sense you, they bolt, and all you get is a snap shot, and that's if you are lucky. Talk about tough to hunt.

They learn fast, and it seems they never repeat the same mistake.

Good pratice for deer hunting though; helps tone your reflexes.

My father used to hunt cotten tails in Massachusetts. I used to go with him as a little kid. I would put my hand in the game pouch in the back of his red plaid hunting jacket and feel the dead bunnies, all warm and squishy.

I just want to keep a dying tradition alive for as long as I can.

Thanks for all your posts, its good to know there are some still some rabbit hunters left.



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I should add I live in the mountains near Bakersfield California. I use a 12 gauge, single shot New England Firearms pardner, with # 4 shot. The shots are usually 10 ro 25 years.


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Hey Kernman I live in Bako, usually hunt near Arvin been looking for some new spots. I use a Savage 17hmr, air rifle, and 12 gauge semi auto. If you have any spots out there let me know. I sight everything in off of Bena.


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I thought about the .22 caliber pellet rifles for cotton tails.

Shotgun is too loud at my local honey hole at least in the a.m., when they are out and about. There are some houses over the hill, but Im not sure how loud it would be for the people there.

A lot of the cottons around here are on dirt roads, usually near houses. Shotguns would traditionally be okay, but with all the anti hunters moving up here, I dont want to chance it.

(Of course, too, hunting regs prohibit shooting from roads).

I bought a recurve bow to get more access. I took some lessons, and now I gotta get some practice in.

To gain even more access to cotton tail places, I planned on buying a sheridan pump this year. But I just havent seen enough cotton tails out to justify the expense.

I heard the sheridan is loud, but if someone calls the cops (unlikely), you can show them you just have a pellet gun. Plus, a lot of the cops around here hunt, so they understand.

Looks like the cotton tail population is on a down cycle this year, at least where I live. Im lucky to see even one on any given morning.

I've seen more jacks out; more than usual. I think they are probably younguns because they aren't as wary as the others I've seen.

(NOTE TO A PREVIOUS POST: I said jacks around here are more wary than deer - expect during deer (rifle) season. In my limited experience deer hunting, bucks vanish completely. I dont know about jacks, Im not thinking about them.


I would be willing to show you some jackrabbit spots, and later, if you can keep a secret, maybe we can talk cotton tails.

Maybe you could bring me along to those Bako spots, in exchange?

But if you really want jacks, there are better places to go, in my opinion.


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Hey Guys --

I'm from southern california and have pretty much only hunted Quail my whole life. I really like rabbits though and I'm looking for places to go. It's not even that I want someone's honey pot ... I'm just in the middle of Long Beach and don't know anywhere "local" that I can go.

I'm trying Frazier Park saturday morning ... just gonna guess around.

If anyone can help me out (which the Fish and Game won't), I'm just looking for places people know of, that are legal to hunt cotton tail.

Message me and I'll give you my personal email / phone number ...


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