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Where Are You From & Where Do You Hunt Sheep?


How about some introductions?

Where are you from and where do you hunt sheep or goats?

Do you use a bow or Rifle? What kind?

Who taught you to hunt sheep or goats and when was your first sheep or goat hunt?

What is your dream sheep or goat hunt?

I'm from southern California and started applying for a sheep tag in California in 1990. I also have been trying for an AZ and UT tag lately.

I would like to use either a my PSE Coyote recurve and .300 Winmag rifle to hunt with.

My dream hunt would be a goat hunt in AK.


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I'm in Southern California and I live fairly close to several of the hunting areas. I have yet to go on a sheep hunt, in large part because of finances, poor draw odds and limited time.

On my soapbox now--it would be great for anyone interested in sheep to get involved with one of several conservation organizations. Our NA sheep need help in order to be huntable by our children and grandchildren. Especially since the "antis" seem to appreciate lions more than other wildlife. Guzzler work is usually a volunteer run kinda thing and anyone can help if their heart is in the right place. Check out the DWU, Society, or FNAWS web sites!


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Im from southern BC. I've yet to hunt a sheep or goat mainly because of time. In bc there are general open seasons for goats and all sheep except dalls. This year i applied for limited entry unit with alot of huge California bighorns. The odds are very good (4:1) so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. I also put in for a limited entry unit with alot of goats too. Not too many trophies but the access is relativley easy and close.

My dream hunt will be in the next 2 or 3 years. it will be a stone sheep/mountain caribou fly in hunt in northern BC. Time to start saving my pennies!!


Live in Southern B.C., guide for goats in northern B.C. and hunt goats for myself in southeastern B.C. Can't seem to get a draw for the California Bighorns close to home. I guess I'll keep chasing rock buffalo until I do.


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I live in the Adirondacks of northern New York. I hunt various states for bighorns. I started on my own, I just like the places they live.

auction is the way to go, I doubt I'd ever draw a tag if I held out for a lottery win.

it's a simple matter of selling everything you own, working 20 hours days all year to come up with more money and poof! you're there.

once your wife and family leave you it gets easier to maintain the bighorn auction lifestyle.

I prefer to hunt with my 50 cal flinter.


I live in Nevada and hunt sheep anywhere I can. I have had two tags (desert and California) in Nevada and, of course, am playing the drawing game hoping to draw somewhere, anywhere. In the mean time I try to tag along on any hunts I can.

That's me in the sandwich board that says "Will do anything for a sheep hunt".

Big Moose

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I live in Nevada also and have drawn a California Big Horn tag in 98. Great hunt ! Still get excited when I tkink about it. Got a nice eight and a half year old ram that looks great on my wall. I keep puting in for Desert Big Horn (Nevada). Maybe this year ?......... :


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I an currently living in Cali, I hunted sheep in Alaska and got a very nice Dall, I was lucky enough to meet some very wonderful people while I was up there. I have a pic posted of it In the sheep/goat section. I also took my dad and he got a very nice Dall as well the following year. We both used a .300 WSM. I have just recently started applying for the bighorns, as I save money, I will be applying in more and more states, so hopefully sometime in my lifetime I will draw a tag. My dream sheep hunt would be for Marco Polo sheep.

My first post.
I live in western Washington and will go any where for a sheep hunt. I've been very fortunate as i have 5 rams on the wall starting with a home state cali in 97, Oregon rocky in 98, NWT dall in 2001, Yukon fannin 05, Wa cali 06. Very lucky!! Yes I know.
i love the goats almost as much. (Wash 2001, AK 2003)
A dream hunt tag would be any Desert sheep tag I could get my hands on. But if i had to choose, how about a Tiboron #1 or New Mex #2.


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i am from kohala hawaii...and hunt a different type of sheep than most. out here all we have are feral, mouflon, and feral/mouflon hybrid sheep. i hunt on the big island primarily, and will be heading to lanai next week for mouflon hunting.


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I live in North Pole, Alaska. I have become addicted to hunting dall sheep and plan on mountain goat hunting within the next year or so. Although i love bow hunting I plan on continuing to use my rifle for sheep hunting.
Northern Utah.
I've harvested a 10 year old Desert Bighorn Utah 2007

And heped a good friend harvest his rocky mountain bighorn Utah 2008


my name is jed and im from big island hawaii im 21yrs old.
and i hunt sheep/ mouflon up mauna kea or mauna loa with bow
aswell as goats almost every where here on the bigisland
here is my most recent ram taken from mauna kea with my browning .270 leupold scope


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just rec'd a tag for nelson sheep in the clipper mts, ca

yes, got in the mail last week. do not know much about the clipper mts. would like to get some guidance on what to do next? have plenty of time to figure it out though. I live in northern california. anybody out there that went on this hunt in the recent past? help!
I got picked in 2003 for the Sheepholes. I knew nothing about sheep hunting or the sheepholes so I decided to go with an experienced outfitter. After talking to two outfitters, its was oblivious that Terry Anderson's San Gorgonio Outfitters was the most knowledgable and experienced with desert sheep hunting in the state. So I hired Terry Anderson. I was very impressed with Terry's knowledge and experience in desert sheep hunting during my hunt. Terry Anderson and his crew were a great bunch of guys. I highly recommend hiring Terry Anderson. You wont regret it!


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I live in SW Montana and have been lucky enough to have had several bighorn sheep and mountain goat tags, although it's been over 20 years since I killed my last ram, and the mountains aren't getting any flatter and I'm not getting any younger.

The 1980's were good to me. At that time Montana had a real preference point system, and I built enough points to draw a Moose, Sheep, and Goat tag. I also had horses then so I could pack a camp into the backcountry, and use them to pack my animals out.

My first draw was an Mountain Goat tag. I started scouting in late summer, but waited until mid-November to actually hunt my goat. The day I got my goat, it was -15* F where a friend and I had our camp. He had a cow elk tag in that area, so he headed up one valley looking for an elk, and started up the mountain where we had previously seen some goats. It took me over 3 hours to reach the top where we had seen the goats and the snow was 2-3' deep. I found a good billy, and one 180 gr Nosler Partition from my .30 Gibbs anchored him. I completely skinned him out and packed the head and hide out. I drug out the complete body, but goat meat stinks, and I do not think it is fit to eat. He had 9 5/8" horns and very long hair. I regret that I only had a half mount of him.

I got my first Bighorn Ram the last year that Montana had their real prefrence point system. I studied the drawing odds, and found an area that had good odds for my number of points. I was again hunting by myself and found a lone 7/8 curl ram. One 117 gr Sierra GK bullet from my .257 Ackley anchored him in his bed. Sheep meat is some of the best wild game meat.

In the mid 1980's Montana let you buy an unlimited area sheep tag if you didn't draw your first choice in the limited tag units. You could also buy an unlimited area tag every year, even if you killed an unlimited sheep the year before. I shot two more bighorn rams in these unlimited areas before the F&G changed the rules again. One was just over full curl that I got from a camp that a friend and I had packed in with our horses. The other was another 7/8 curl ram that I got on a solo hunt that I had packed in on my horses. Each ram fell from a 117 gr Sierra from my .257 Ackley.

Montana has since gone to a "bonus point" system where your odds in drawing a sheep tag are less than 1/2%. Drawing a tag here now is truely like winning the Lottery.

In 1998 a friend of mine in Canada told me about a cancellation Dall sheep hunt in the MacKenzie Mountains in the Northwest Territories. This was a backpack hunt where my guide (my first guided hunt) and I were each flown in on a Super Cub from base camp to a mountain top 3 miles from our spike camp. The first day out we found a band of 5 rams several miles from spike camp. There wasn't a tree or bush for miles, but by using the terrain, we were able to sneek to 206 yds from the feeding rams. Again a 117 gr Sierra dropped a beautiful 39"+ Dall ram in his tracks.

While packing my ram and our camp back to the Super Cub landing site, we came across a Wolverine. Once again my .257 Ackley spoke, and I have an unusual trophy of a life size Wolverine mount.

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