Where Are You From & Where Do You Hunt Upland?


How about some introductions?

Where are you from and where do you hunt upland or small game?

Do you use a bow, rifle or shotgun? What kind?

Who taught you how to hunt upland or small game and when was your first hunt?

What is your dream upland or small game hunt?

I'm from Missouri but live in southern California and started chasing rabbits, quail and squirrels in 1965 with my Dad in Missouri.

I hunt California and Missouri.

I'm currenty using a PSE Coyote recurve bow and a Rem 870 pump. I just got a new Marlin 22 mag to hunt squirrels and bunnies.

My dream upland hunt would be a grouse hunt in Minnesota or Canada. Scaled quail in AZ a close 2nd.


Sept. 1st will see the start of my 3rd hunting season. After a friend introduced me to dove hunting I've been hooked. I live in the Rio Grande river valley. We have morning dove and quail in the desert above us, but between the lack of rain and increasing urban preasure the quail are getting harder to find. The best hunting is around the edges of the pecan groves that our local farmers have been thoughtful enough to plant for me durring the last 20 years. The white wing dove, which used to be rare here, love to nest there. Opening day last year even a beginner like me was able to get his limit (15 birds) in the first half hr.
As for a dream hunt, I am still rookie enough that every time I go out it is my dream hunt.


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I am from Hanford, California, but I go to school in Coalinga so therefore I hunt quail and dove in the Coalinga area and I hunt Waterfowl and dove in the Hanford area.

Derek Hodsdon


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Hello Jesse and other members,

I finally was able to register and am glad to join this great group. I live in Central California. I have been hunting Dove and Pheasant in Central California for 30 years.

I use a Beretta 12 Guage shotgun. It is 28 years old and still fires like the day I first shot it.

My dream hunt would be a South Dakota pheasant hunt, since the population of wild pheasants here in Central California is a fraction of what it used to be twenty years ago and haven't had that great a hunt since.
Hope everyone out there is doing well and ready for the Labor Day dove opener. I live in the Riverside area and although I went out to Niland last year, I think I will try something else this year. I probably do more upland game hunting than anything else and usually use an 870 Rem or 1100 which is actually my preferred shotgun. Last year I picked up a Ruger Red Label and had it out once at the end of the season so I am going to put a few rounds through it this year. Would really like to try some wild pig hunting this year also if I can find someone knowledgeable in the game. Good luck to all this year and most of all, Be Safe.

VA Native

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I live in Monterrey, Mexico

I will be hunting white wings doves, ducks and geese in south Texas this fall. I am also looking for some opportunities here in Mexico but it is tough for non Mexican citizens to travel with guns, unless you pay to go with a guide. (Anyone in this area (Texas or Mexico) give me an email, I am looking for people to go hunting with.)

I also go back to San Diego and hunt the Imperial valley every now and then.


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the name is Erik, I hail from San Dimas, CA and really only have the time/money to hunt Dove and Quail. Dove I hunt out of porterville for the last few years, this year ill prolly go up by Independence area as I saw a lot of birds up there during a fishing trip in july. Quail i havent hunted much since arrowhead burned a couple years back. Guns used include Winchester model 12, Remington 870, and Remington 20 Ga.



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I'm from Texas and started hunting dove about 4 years ago. I now live in Newport Beach and have only hunted in California a couple of times. I'm 27 yrs old and a patent attorney here in OC.

I'm looking forward to some quail, pheasant and duck hunting this season and hope to find some experienced people that I could tag along with to show me the ropes.


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What's Shakin, everybody? I was born and raised in what today is Known as the "hood", Compton, Ca. many moons ago. I had the good fortune of being introduced to hunting at an age that required the typical apprenticeship of a Red Ryder competency, before graduating to a .22, 20GA. etc. My mother's brother married into a turkey ranch family up in San Luis Obispo county, so most summers were spent up there learning the ropes of raising about 200K turkeys a year. That's right 200,000! After performing the daily tasks, I was then able to hunt and fish. There were seven ponds and one lake, large enough, that one year we water skied. This was the closest thing to hunters paradise I've experienced yet. I killed the only deer in my life there, as well as bobcat, coyote, and several other species. I have many treasured memories of this place, to say the least! Unfortunately, my uncle moved his family into town and his father-in-law sold the ranch. This experience led to the burning desire I have today to upland game hunt. I haven't missed an opener of dove, pheasant, quail/chukar since I can remember and don't intend to start anytime soon. I've been luckcy a couple of times in the recent years to be drawn for the sage grouse season and bagged the limit each time. First time the limit was two, but this last time, only one. So this time around we took a stab at mtn.quail and blue grouse, and got into both, so we felt as though we had a very good hunt, three species in one stab! I'll be hittin a little honey hole in the Antelope valley for quail, then maybe heading up to see if my partners have done any good on chukars opening weekend. 2nd saturday of November, I'll be hittin the ag fields for cock, probably down south, unless I get drawn for a honey hole in Sacto. I packed a 12 bore 1100 for fifteen years and decided to step down to a Browning O/U 20, in 1985 and have only used the twelve on the first sage grouse hunt I went on since. I bagged my last sage hen with the trusty O/U with a load of copper plated 7&1/2's at about fifty plus yards, first shot missed! I love a 20, my first shotgun was a sibe by 20, but it was stolen in a burgulary before I got out of the "hood". All my partners are die hard 12 bore gunners and constantly give me crap, but "the proof is in the pudding" and in my game bag, what I've been doing with that sweet little 20. Hope to bump into you guys out there in bush! Good Huntin.


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I hail from Trinity Co. in CA. I like to hunt both mtn quail and valley quail. I use a Rem 1100, 12 gauge. My Dad and uncles taught me gun safety and fair chase hunting. I also like to use an older Henry Arms Co dbl 12 but only reload with 2F black powder with 7and 1/2's for this one. I am new guy to this site and looks like fun.


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My name is Brian Nelson. I live in Terrebonne, Oregon. I hunt as often as I can. Oregon has lots to offer. This is my first season. I shoot A Baikal 20 gauge O/U. So far- lots of Quail, some Pheasant, and many miles of good Chukar. Season ends soon, but I have a couple of long weekends planned.



I live in Tulare, CA. I hunt quail on Carrizo and up in Prather and dove in the central valley. Don't get out to hunt much else as I don't much like planted pheasant hunts. Always looking for something new though. I use a Browning 20 ga. O/U and a Remington 28 ga. pump.


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I'm from Hughson, CA. in the San Jaquin Valley. I shoot a 20ga. Browning Citori and a 12ga. 11-87 Remington. I hunt mainly for chukkars but won't ignore a good quail covey ever. I hunt Tumey and Panoche Hills southwest of Los Banos. At least I did until the birds took a nose-dive from just yearly cycles and, an idiots fire, that pulled the numbers down to strictly seed quantitys. Was very sad this year to find only one quail covey at Tumey and Panoche and that of only six birds. Sad. I remember from '92 until around '99 it was no big deal to kick-up coveys of 40-50 quail or a chukkar covey of 15-20 birds several times a day. Hoping for better hatches and hunters who will leave some for seed.


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I have nver been hunting yet. I wanto to go really bad though. I have a 12 guage. I live in Yuba City, a dinky podunk town 45 north of sacramento.Say anyone want to go hunting together.


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I am from Iowa and of course I hunt pheasants here in my home state. I have also gone to South Dakota and hunted pheasants and prairie chicken there. We do have some quail and huns as an extra bonus. I use a Browning Gold Auto and hunt with 2 outstanding German Shorthairs Grif and Jeter. I have been on a quail hunt in Texas and had the time of my life and would love to do it again.




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Hey guys. Newbie to this board, looks like a good group here & glad I found it.
Started hunting with my dad at around 10 or so. First year, carried a replica
lever action. Then gratuated to an single shot 20 guage. That was my everything gun for squirrel, doves, and shot slugs at dear with it. Bought my 12 guage Rem 1100 from my dad at age 16, I think. Didn't hunt much for about 10 years or so (running with the teenage crowd, then getting married, etc...). I have a ruger 10-22, but never hunted with it yet. Also, have a Knight muzzle loader. Killed my first buck with it three years ago. Killed my first deer at at 15 with dad's .308 Winchester.
Love hunting birds (doves primarily down here in Va Beach, VA) but would love to hunt pheasant or other upland birds in Montana with a couple good dogs.
I have two daughters, the oldest is not the least interested in hunting, but my youngest goes dove hunting with me as the "bird dog". I'll have her shooting soon I hope.
Thanks for reading about me. Looking forward to posting with you guys.
Tom Speight
Va Beach, VA


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I am from Baton Rouge, LA but I spend half the better part of the year hunting my Granny's place outside Summit, MS. I have to hunt pen raised quail. Its like trying to find a needle in a hay stack looking for a wild covey nowadays.
I've hunted with a crack barrel .410 single shot, Belgium Browning 16GA, Rem 1100 20GA, to my bread and butter Rem 11-87 12GA.
My grandfather, POP, was a big birdhunter with lots of birdogs. I guess I got the passion from my uncle who was inspired by his dad my POP.
My first upland hunt was probably shooting those tastey clay pigeons behind the shed in the back pasture. Don't remember my actual first hunt??? I have so many hunting memories on brain file.
My dream hunt would be chasing phesant in South Dakota.
I now have my own birdog, a Britt, and will continue the love for birdhunting to pass down to the next generation.
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A formal hello to all JHO folks;

I've posted a few times but thought I ought to introduce myself properly as Jesse suggested. I live in Dana Point, Southern California, and like to hunt the coastal range, high desert, Mojave, Arizona and have made one trip to Nevada for Chukar which was incredible.

My Dad taught me and my brothers how to hunt when we were kids; at that time we lived on an 80 acre 'ranch' in Juniper Hills, Ca. We had valley quail on our property and Mountain Quail in the Angeles forest just up the canyon. The first quail I remember shooting was a male Mountain quail with a single shot .410. I must have been about 8 years old. My Birthday's in January and I requested quail for dinner and got it every year that we were there.

I shoot a Browning BPS (pump action) 20 gauge, which I really enjoy. I have an old Franchi AL 48 which an old timer gave to me which needs a new firing pin; hopefully the gunsmith will get it fixed for me soon so I can try it next season. Some day I'll get an O/U, but I like to savor the learning curve.

I didn't hunt for about 20 years; until some guys at work got me fired up to go again season before last; now I'm completely hooked. I've got a 2 year old male GSP named Rocket and have never been happier. My 10 year old son passed his hunter safety last year and likes to go with me.

My dream upland hunt would be to hunt pheasant in S. Dakota, I've read a lot about it. Also would like to hunt mearns and scaled quail down in SE Az.

We had quail and chukar on my Birthday this year for the first time in around 30 years. Don't plan on missing another year as long as I live.

Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from you.

Art Grant

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