Where Are You From & Where Do You Hunt Varmints?

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I've been doing it along time, have alot of country to shoot on and alot of time. Spent 66 days in 2004. Thatcount doesn't count my shooting partners.


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Been reading this site for awhile now and thought I'd join, seems like a nice place to be. I'll try to answer all the questions: From Southern AZ, been hunting/calling for longer than I care to remember, have hunted the entire world from Africa to Australia to Iran to Europe to the Orient but the best place has been right here in the USofA. I normally use whatever rifle I'm going to us for whatever I got drawn for big game, if drawn for elk I go calling with the 270WSM or 7Mag, Antelope I'll use the 270 or 243, if drawn for Sheep I'll use the 308 or 270WSM, however my preference is the 223 or 22-250. Got started/hooked on calling about 1948 maybe 49, self taught and made enough mistakes along the way for everyone on this board!!! I use the FoxPro with remote and decoy, but ALWAYS have a few calls in my pack or around my neck. Due to age and other reason I don't get out as often as I would like, down to about 3 or 4 days a week now. Don't kill coyotes from Feb to Sep, however have no problem if someone else does, just not for me. Any of you get around this way give me a holler and we'll go out any try to bust a few.


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Hello everyone, my name is John and I'm a huntaholic! There I admitted it so I've made the first step. I have been a sneak reader here and on several other forums for a long time usually while at work. I figured it's time to jump in. But here's my story.

Where are you from and where do you hunt varmints or predators?
I was born and raised in Sacramento, California. I hunt most of California and Northern Nevada.

Do you use a bow, rifle or shotgun? What kind?
Yes, yes and yes! I wish I could say I only had one of each of the above but like days in a year I have too many to list. Just ask my wife who I think is more important.

Who taught you how to hunt varmints or predators and when was your first hunt?
I taught myself to hunt varmints and predators technically. My grandfather had a ranch with walnuts which had ground squirrels and crows. But he and my uncle were hunters and passed that skill onto me. My grandfather would give me say ten .22LR's rounds and say bring me back ten of something. That was when I was nine or ten about 1962. It taught me to shoot straight using my old J.C Higgins .22. I moved onto yellow bellied marmots in the late 60's when I discovered them while trout fishing some lakes in the Sierra's. I bought my first real varmint rifle in 1969 a Remington model 788 in .22-250. I had a Trashco 3-9 scope on it but could pop those marmots with ease. No more having to put the sneak on them to within .22LR range. I still have the gun and it is a tack driver to this day. That old Tasco is history though. I'll never forget the first ground squirrel I shot with this gun. I pulled the trigger and it basically disappeared. I saw something flying and I thought maybe I hit dirt. That is until I went to the spot and found small pieces of remains. I was hooked! Predators were just a logical step and I shot my first coyote with my .22LR while hunting jack rabbits. I was hooked immediately. I still have the first book I bought about varmint hunting. THE VARMINT AND CROW HUNTER'S BIBLE by Bert Popowski. That was hundreds of thousands of rounds ago. I've shot competitively in trap, skeet, rifle and pistol. If it has to do with shooting something sign me up.

What is your favorite call?
My old Weems and Circe Calls were my first and favorite. But I have to say my FoxPro is fast becoming my favorite as the animals are so pressured these days.

What is your dream varmint or predator hunt?
Every hunt is a good hunt. I guess a dream hunt would be go back to the days of marmot hunting when I was a kid. There was something special about those days.
Hello all. I'm from the Phoenix area since 1977.
Born and raise in OK, lived in both MO and KS '72-'77.
Been an avid predator calling for a long time.

I hunt several states with pistol, rifle, sometimes shotgun. Used to use a bow a lot but anymore I only use one to bow fish.

I am self taught as far as predator calling. First time I called in a coyote was 12 years old and was fooling with a piece of tin I folded into a whistle. My dog started growling and I looked up and saw a coyoted walking toward us.

Favorite call is a Weems whether the Wild Call or All Call.

A dream predator hunt I suppose would be in a place I've never been.

Eric Mayer

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Jay has a very good book called, "Predator Calls The First 50 Years" that is a very interesting read and probably a must have book for folks who like to call predators. Forget the "Foxpro" or "Loudmouth". This book is not only the history of Predator Calls, but probably the history and evolution of calling itself. A ton of great pictures too!

I know for a fact that Jay spent a long time putting together this book and it shows his love for our predator calling passion.

Nice to see you again, Jay! Welcome to Jesse's!

Eric A. Mayer


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Welcome to Jesse's, Jay, glad you found us......

Boy, have I got some questions for you. lol And I still have a couple of old original Weems back from the 1960's. GREAT Calls!

Happy Hunting



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Hi -
From OC, Ca. Like to hunt coyotes when ever possible. Cant shoot any lions here. they need it tho. Too many hikers getting munched. I hunt usually in D13.


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I have been hunting deer in D13 for three years. tough going. I hope to hunt bear there too. they are out there and some big ones.


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I know there is a big buck out there, D13. I have seen tracks that were 5 inches from tip to end of hoof & four inches wide, damn, I freaked when I found that one. Too bad it was on the run and cant tell where he went to.

Deer in D13 are very wary and hard to find. I love the country up there. Fighting the LA traffic is a bitch tho, but we gotta do what we gotta do!


I live in Waller, Texas and I will be hunting in my backyard (5 semi wooded acres) but have seen a deer, coydog (or stray that looked wild) and foxes. I saw the owner of the tracks 4+ years ago when doing tractor work. I thought it was one of my cats playing in a dirt hole...after getting withing 50 yards of the hole the cat it got up...I backed back to the tractor and the cat started to walk back into the woods and kept watching me as I watched it. The cat was as black as night and beautiful. The next time I see her/him...I will be making a wall rug. These were only 60 yards from our chicken/rabbit yard and 100 yards from the house and 5 kids, can't take a chance on one of them getting hurt.



Well I seem to be the only Michigander here if im not mistaken.
I enjoy All types of Hunting In the summer Woodchucks AKA Groundhogs mainly.
Currentlly trying to learn coyote hunting. I have a johnny Stewart electronic call and 2 mouth calls I hunt with either my Marlin .22 or my T/C Encore in .223 SS Target barrel with a Bushy 3x9x50 trophy scope equipted for all light conditon hunting Any tips would be greatly appreciated PM me so we dont eat up space on the forum.
I KNOW.....I KNOW.....Too damn much fire power

Is there really a such a thing?


I am new to the group and live in the Chino Hills area. I hunt ground squirrels in Cedarville, California and hunt p-dogs in Wyoming. I plan to do some coyote and bobcat hunting locally towards the end of the year. I reload most of my ammo and have a Tactical 20 (20 caliber)rifle that is a laser. I also have two Remy 700's VS 26" and an LTR that will shoot under 1/2" with handloads. I also have a CZ 452 in 17HMR and it's a fun rifle to shoot.


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Howdy all, new guy here. I just relocated back to SoCal after living in CO the last 8 years or so. I'm living in San Diego, but try to split my time between SD and a place we have in Silverthorne, CO. I've hunted elk, mule deer, antelope, and upland birds in CO and WY when I was in CO full-time. Just getting into Varmint/Predator hunting after briefly starting to do so prior to our move. My current varmint rifle is a Savage 12FV in .22-250. Don't have any favorite calls yet, I was hoping to get some input from the folks here on that. Also looking to find some good spots around here and hook up with some like-minded people.



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back to cali smhuntley and
to jho, their are members down in socal that i am sure will be able to help you out. i am up here in the norcal, chat with you soon...........tra

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