Where Are You From & Where Do You Like To Fish?


How about some introductions?

Where are you from & where do you fish?

What kinds of fishing rods and reels do you have?

What is your favorite fish to fish for?

Who taught you to fish and when was your 1st fishing trip?

What is your favorite fishing memory?

What is your dream fishing trip or moment?


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I'm from Port Huron and I fish on the St. Clair river.

I like to fish for bass but havent done that in a while...new fish....WALLEYE

My step-dad taught me how to fish since my real dad aint worth a lick

My favorite fishing memory...hmmm....dont have one. Never catch any real good ones to brag about.

I wish I could fish with Roland Martin


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Wow cannot beleive that as a one time moderator I never let people know were I was from and what I like to fish for. Well I'm from Elmira and love to fish for Bass and pretty much what I can get to bite. It's just fun fishing if you know what I mean.

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