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Where Are You From & Where Do You Like To Fish?


How about some introductions?

Where are you from & where do you fish?

What kinds of fishing rods and reels do you have?

What is your favorite fish to fish for?

Who taught you to fish and when was your 1st fishing trip?

What is your favorite fishing memory?

What is your dream fishing trip or moment?


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Raised in the East Bay forced to live in Occupied San Francisco. I fish wherever the fish are within reason 70 miles eachway up the coast with stops for freshwater occasionally.
I own a Seeker 655xh-5 stand up with a Penn 12 LT 40# mono, I also have a G. Loomis Bucara 7'2 med heavy with an Avet SX 5.0:1 50# braid with 25# Blackwater topshot.
All pelagic species but locally we have been knocking out Salmon and waiting for Albies, and Rock season is just around the corner. Just to kill time on days when the boat is in the shop or your pinched for time Bat Rays (mud marlins) and Leopard sharks fit just perfect...
My Dad taught me how to fish when I was real young and would send me with my brother out on charter boats because he was sea sick the first two times he took me so I had to teach my brother how to fish salt when I was 13 or so.
I can't narrow that down I love every fish I catch and have had so many lifetime catches in Casta Rica Mexico Southern Cal and Nor Cal. I love watching friends of mine who did not get a chance to fish with thier dads or never had an interest get a fish worth the table and when you see the addiction kick in I'd say that is the best.
My dream fishing trip is to see Hugo and Castro disapear together and let me punch my Passport in either Cuba or Venezuela for Black Marlin or a Blue. If not I would say go visit the homeland of Australia and fish for everything...

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