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Where Are You From & Where Do You Shed Hunt?


How about some introductions?

Where are you from and where do you hunt sheds?

When did you start shed hunting?

Did somebody teach you how to shed hunt or did you start on your own?

What would be a dream shed to find for you?

What is your favorite shed you've found so far?

I'm from southern California and started shed hunting in 1980. I find sheds mostly in MO but look all the time in CA, AZ and UT.

I started to look for sheds after seeing all the sheds a buddy from our deer camp found. He showed me the best places to look.

A dream shed for me would be a huge monster elk rack, both sheds laying on a beautiful juniper hillside in Utah or AZ.


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I live in Md. just over the line from Pa. I shed hunt in both,mainly in Md.
I would love to shed in a couple of those states or Canada where there's some a real trophy size whitetails and have a chance of finding some monster sheds.Most of my sheds are off young deer and are small.


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Wow! I'll try and answer all those questions. I live in Iowa, central part.

I mainly hunt in Iowa, but have hunted in a couple of canadian provinces. I try and get up there every year. I've shed hunted in most of the surrounding states except for Illinois.

I started by accident in 1989. My first shed scored 85 6/8! That one kind of spoiled me.

I wouldn't say anybody taught me, but my cousin had started about the time I found my first and was really successful at it. I believe he found 40-50 sheds a year until his interest dropped off. I think that kind of drove me to get out and look.

I would really like to find a huge 120+ non typical, not asking for too much am I?

I have a few that are favorites. One that comes to mind is a huge elk shed that has a 30 inch second point, plus some other points going in different directions. I have a few whitetail sheds that have huge, fat drop tines. I think my favorite find so far has been a small locked set of whitetails, one is a 9 point and the other is a 10 point. Both of them net under 100 inches.



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I started seriously looking for sheds in 1982 after stumbling across my first one. A 85 1/8 non. typ.! I've been collecting antlers since about 1970. They have allways fastinated me.I wish someone would of taught me. I've walked alot of miles where there were no deer at shedding time. But then again I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything. I hunt mainly central Nebraska where I live. I have hunted some in Kansas and Colorado. My favorite is a small 4X4 rack of about 90 inches that my dad shot in 1969. It's the one that started all this madness! Allthough it hangs next to racks much larger, it is by far my favorite. I would like to find a "Holy Grail" of sheds someday, something with at least 25 inches of mass.


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I live in ND and only shedhunt my area near Devils Lake.

I've found sheds hunting but started looking for them 5 years ago. I found a small matched set while doing field work. After work I drove home and got my son so I could let him find them. Shedhunting took a life of it's own after that and we were both hooked.

Pretty much self taught but have learned some from the few shedhunting forums.

Favorite shed I have found is from a buck I passed on 5 different times while hunting. Nice buck but was young (3.5 years old ) with potential. I had found his matched set the year before too.

Dream shed would be anything over 70 inches. We been close with the biggest being 69 4/8. ND isn't known for a lot of huge racked bucks but we have a few. Just a matter of time till we find the big one.



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I shed hunt mostly in South-Central/South-Western Wisconsin. I started about 5 years ago when an old co-worker of mine showed me all the sheds he had found. I only have a small amount of private land that I do most of my shed hunting on, I have look on public land, but without any luck. I have found some decent sheds, but nothing great. Hopefully this year I will find a few nice ones. Last year I walk many miles, and spent many hours just to find one little 5 point. My favorite shed is a nice 5 point with a broken G3, the base is huge, but I think this buck was past his prime, even though the G2 was about 11".


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I stumbled on a small 4pt right side several years ago while hiking with my son. Since then I've tried to find them but haven't had much luck. I have found several nice ones though. The big 5pt left side measures 81 6/8". It has a 25+" main beam and 20 5/8" of mass.



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Hey, just found the site. I'm from Milwaukee, WI and shed hunt primarily s/e WI and Sawyer County in n/w WI where I do most of my deer hunting. Although I found my first shed about 5-6 years ago, I didn't really get obsessed until last year. Actually found my first shed from a canoe while bass fishing. I got caught up on an overhang near shore, paddled in to retrieve it, and when I went to paddle back out, I looked down to see a side of five in about two feet of water. Then, we started finding a few near the feeders a few years ago, and the obsession grew from there. Still learning...that it takes a lot of boot leather. Paid my dues last year, and it started paying off. I am still dreaming of finding a truely huge shed, but have a couple favorites including a chewed and weathered, but really heavy set I found side by side last year. Nothing yet in 04, saw three bucks still carrying both side Saturday here in s/e WI. Reports a some bone hitting the ground are starting to pop up though. I'll check back and post updates, good luck all!
i live in british columbia canada .I started shed hunting is 2003 and have only found about 5 sheds there all old but my favourite one has to be the left side of the muley matched set i found .It's in the the best condition .The right side is badly chewed and weathered.There big sheds it's too bad there old.Nooone really taught me how to shed i kinda learned my self,but i been getting alot of information off this website so this year should be alot better.


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I'm from the Syracuse, NY area and do my shed hunting right in that region. I've been at it a good 10 or 12 years and taught myself and am still learning. It's a tough deal around these parts because our buck kill is heavy, very few bucks make it through the season and post season deer herds are small. Out of sheer desire I've probably picked up 75 or 80 over the years including 4 really nice matched sets off 3.5 year old bucks. My dream shed hunt would probably be like 3 days with Bentley Coben in Canada or that failing, a day out in Maryland with Deershed. My goal is a side off a top end deer, which around here would probably be a side scoring 70" -75" and will be hard to come by. My favorite shed is probably a heavy 4 point side I found on April 7th, seven weeks after finding the first side on about February 15th. I looked every weekend and every other chance I could for that missing side, for all that time before I finally found it quite some distance away. When I found it I was so burned out I pretty much just quit for the season and walked out of the woods and went home. My best ones score around 58"to 64".


Where are you from and where do you hunt sheds?

I'm from Edmonton Alberta Canada and I'll go Shed'n almost anywhere :)

When did you start shed hunting?

About 6 Years ago

Did somebody teach you how to shed hunt or did you start on your own?

I started doing it with a few buds after one unsuccesful season (seen a few gaggers and wanted to see the sheds)

What would be a dream shed to find for you?

A shed that has character, not size but real good character.

What is your favorite shed you've found so far?

5pt with a 8 Inch drop...not one circumference is under 5 7/8 and the droptine has the same mass, only scores 85, but the way it sits with the DT holding it up is nice :)



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I am from Kallispell MT.I horn hunt mainly in MT.I've been horn hunting for about10 years.A dream shed for me is just about any shed I find.My favorite shed is a set of elk horns in the 360-370 class


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I am from southwest Saskatchewan and got hooked on shed hunting after I found my first one when I was 13. I am 20 now and spend most of my time thinking about shed hunting, even while out fishing or hunting during the regular season. I shed hunt on the praires where sheds are easy to find if you are willing to put on the miles. I also work in the outdoors doing land surveying and find a ton of sheds doing that also. One of my favorite sheds is a 6 pt whitetail shed that I found while working last summer. It scores 68 1/8. Here is a pic.

Hi, my name is Chris. I'm from Toledo, Oh. I shed hunt anywhere I see deer sign. I found my first shed by accident 5 yrs. ago and have been hooked since. I've found 35 intact sheds since then and at least that many chewed ones. Most within city limits. My favorite shed is my palmated one. I have several big sheds off of bucks that I rattle in and film during the rut. I would love to find anything non-typical. Any other N.W. Ohio shed hunters drop me an email at [email protected]. Lets compare notes, I might have your match or you mine.


Hi! My name is Robin and I live near Bend, Oregon.

My hubby and I have been picking up sheds for about 5 years now. We shed hunt in the desert sagebrush and in the timber as well. Mostly on Forest Service or BLM land.


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Hi, I'm Link and Live in SE MN. I've been shed hunting for ten years and can't get enough! I've found most of my sheds in western minnesota but am starting to look more here in the SE (lived here for three years) Found my first big shed last season that rough scored 72. Really starting to notice more shed hunters in the woods - have to get out early to beat the crowd! This year has been extremely slow - 13 hours in and not an antler yet! Antlers are out there, just have to be patient. Happy walking - hope to see you in the woods!

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Well, I guess I should introduce myself! I've been on the trail cam forum but not here yet.

My name is Jeremi and I've been shed hunting for about 15 years. I grew up in Manitoba Canada and that's where I started. My first shed was a small fresh fork hork when I was 11 and I have been hooked ever since.

I moved to Alberta when I was 20 and really got inot it there. I now live in Saskatoon, SK and have been really impressed with the results so far!!

I've shed hunted in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, flat scrublands of Manitoba to the grasslands of Saskatchewan!


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Hi fellow shed hunters I am from new brunswick canada Istarted shed hunting in 1986 I usually go by myself Iwould like to find one typical shed that would score 100 boone &crockett and then find the match to it shed hunting is my favourite pasttime Ilove to hunt deer and partridge and moose when I getdrawn going to start hunting bears again in spring will post some pics of sheds and deer soon dave


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Great to meet everyone, I am from Moose Jaw Sask Canada ( that about 10 feet from his backside ) My job takes me across the Southern part of sk so I get to see lots of area . Look for sheds where I have seen big deer thru the year. Favorite wt is a large spike 3pt that made it to Maturity and has tines over 14 inchs long, Favorite MD large Non typ with tons of mass all the way through. Caught the bug as a kid and am now getting my kids into it.


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