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Where did you hear about this forum

got directed here through a guy on monster mulleys.com. both sites are great but i seem to be here more than there. just about anything i want to find out about is here somewhere although i get lost in virtualland occassionally


Used to post on the old DFG web site then Kentuck told me about this one. Sure glad I stopped by.


Was looking for plans to make a homemade smoker. Ran across a page called buildityourselfgear. There was smoker plans but I got sidetracked by a link to the homebrew trailcam project by some guy named Jesse.
Linked onto here and never looked back.
Working on camera 3 now.
Still don't have a smoker.
A fellow hunter at work brought in some pictures of a nice buck
he was hunting and I asked him about his pictures and he told
me that he had made a trail camera with the help of JHP. I told
him i was interested in making one myself and he told me about
this site......
Found JHP while doing a google search for more information on hunting in Southern California. Once I found Jesse's I stopped my subscription to Western Outdoor News. I was tired of getting the paper in the mail, 2 days late.



I just received an order for one of my ballistic programs and the person who ordered it mentioned that he learned about it somewhere on Jessies Hunting Page. I never heard of it so came over to look. Joined so I could search and so far I have not been able find any reference to my Silhouette Ballistics program.

However, this seems to be a active site and forum with lots of members. So take a look at Silhouette Ballistics linked below.

Ballistic Tables for Silhouette and Long Range Shooting



I was searching the internet for information on Valley quail and boom!! up came the JHP site.
I use to post on old's Hoss' site that had a link from the DFG web site back in the days, then Hoss'es site went down and kinda lost track for a while, then on a search I got to Jesse's site and here I am...


Went looking for some winter projects and did a search on homemade hunting projects and ended up here. Mostly involved in the gamecam forum. Man am I hooked.

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