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Where did you hear about this forum


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Followed along from the tndeer forum was following the trail cam info and this is where I ended up. Boy have the trail cams come along ways from the ones on tndeer.


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While doing a search on the net for something. I can't even remember what it was anymore. Very glad I found it though.


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Surfing the net a couple of years ago for hog info back in the JHP days. Came back off and on for products such as Averoe, Tejon Ranch info and to read the forum. Finally made it official this year and joined. Greg


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A buddy of mine mentioned that he came upon this website while surfing the net, he viewed it for a while as a guest.

When I came here I viewed it as a guest also for the first couple of time, but just knew that I had to register. Glad I did.


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I am new to Cali, and every search I did on hunting and fishing in Cali always had JHO pop up. Great site by the way!



I hang out some on Archerytalk.com and there was a muzzleoading question on there one day and someone put this link on there, I am glad they did!!


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Met DanD when he bought Tut. He had asked if anyone knew me and I was reputable. Since I hadn't seen it on the boards I used to frequent, asked him what/where it was. Said it was a great board.

He was right!!!
I used to see Mel going on Jesse's a lot and one day he asked me if I would like to register and I did; since then sometimes we fight over the computer but both of us enjoy being members of Jesse's.


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Someone emailed a link to a thread the thout I'd be interested in...nice place to visit. I especially like the number and diversity of forums, people.

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