Where in WI are you from?

I hunt a little south of Waupaca and a little northwest of Antigo. I bow hunt, gun hunt, Turkey hunt in the spring, and looking forward to my first bear hunt in a couple of years.
Myself i live North of Eagle river Wisconsin i hunt public land got a couple nice buck in public land 10 point and a 8 point Who says you need private ..

i mostly Bowhunt Bow is a hoyt viper and do a little rifle rifle is a tika 7mm mag hunting.. also i make my own hunting cams ....

Aunt Cindy

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West Central WI About 8 or 10 miles southwest of Menomonie near a small town called Weston. Love it here! Very quiet and lots of nature!


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I live in Antigo. Hunt in the surrounding area.

I hunt deer with bow, rifle & musket, I hunt waterfowl with a semi auto 12 ga. shotgun. I hunt turkeys in spring. I enjoy trout fishing & musky fishing (if time to)

Currently am gathering the gear to try and hunt coyotes. I am gathering info on websites, and kind of self teaching myself.

I am a full time REALTOR with a wife and Boys.

I love deer hunting with my father, and two brothers.

My best buck to date is in my Avatar pic. Shot with a rifle in 1997, when i was 17.
Was 10pt. buck with 18 3/4" spread.

Looking for land in north central WI email me.



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Live in St. Croix County, but my hunting group has owned land and hunted in Polk County for over 30 years.

Originally introduced to hunting thru my Step-dad back in 1978. Over the years, he took me Deer, Bear, Goose, Duck, Partridge, Pheasant and squirrel hunting. Also took me fishing. Prior to him marrying my mom, I was a big city kid, who had only caught a few bluegills during the summer. Never had seen a deer that I can remember, and for sure not a bear. I can't imagine my life now, without the wonderful outdoors.

He died suddenly in 1996. Leaving behind my brother and sister without a father while they were young teenagers. Our hunting group consists of 4 other families, and these people have always been there for us. For me, the absolute best time of the year is October/November when I am with my entire hunting group. They are my family.

Since my Step-dad's death, I have not hunted much except for whitetails, which I am hopelessly addicted too.

Rifle and Bow, I enjoy both, but really enjoy the intimacy of Bow Hunting.

I use a 7600 Remington 30.06 pump for deer, and a Remington 870 pump 12 gauge for the birds. I also have a Savage (20 gauge side by side) and a .22 rifle for the small game. All these guns were bought for me by my step-dad, and I can't imagine ever hunting with any other guns.

My first remembered hunt was back in 1981. This was the first year I was old enough to go up to deer camp for the 2nd weekend. I can still remember the excitement I felt. I got to hang out with my idols… the “big guys”. I was a pretty big kid for my age, and we didn’t have anything that really fit me, that was blaze orange. So my step-dad let me wear his bright red flannel pajama top with a blaze vest over it. I can still remember standing in the camp driveway, realizing that I was now a hunter!

It took me a few more years, before I actually collected my first deer. But I’ll always remember the first hunt.

My dream hunt would be one more complete 9 day deer season with my late Step-dad, my brother, and the whole hunting crew. My Step-dad was kind of the life of the party so to speak, and even though our group is still as solid as ever, it has never been the same since he died.

Sorry to get so long winded. I just happened to have the old hunting yearbook here, when I first read the thread, and the memories started flowing.



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Hey Guys,
I live in Jefferson county. I hunt all over S.E. Wisconsin and do a few long weekends each year in Buffalo county. I hunt mainly Whitetails, but also chase turkeys in spring and bears whenever a permit arrives.

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