Where to buy Powder?


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Where do you guys that live in the Inland Empire buy your powder? Turner's never has what I want. Where else is there?
I'm lookin' for AA1680, Hodgdon Lil Gun etc. I would buy it from internet dealers, but I don't want to pay the hazmat fee.

Thanks for your help.


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I saw your other post, and would be interested in some mail order and spliting up the HAZMAT, I want 8 lbs of H-380, I beleave you can get 32lbs of powder in one order, so maybe we can get another person off the board to go in.

several Mo. ago while I was back in the midwest I stopped at powder valley they have the best prices on powder I have seen.


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HuntDucks...Powdervalley sounds good to me. I only want 4# of powder and a few thousand primers. Lets hang on awhile and see if anybody else want's to come onboard. I'd like to see at least 4 of us.
Where do you buy your powder now?

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Huntducks I'm ready to order powder. If you want some...E mail me...so we can work out the details.

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I just realized the date of these posts! I hope you guys haven't been waiting THAT long to buy powder!!!

Powder Valley is the place to go. I have put together a bunch of orders through them for quantities and split it up with a couple buddies. I usually by in 8# containers as it really makes it cheap and you have a good supply of the same lot # preventing the need of doing load development every time for a new container.


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I have bought some powder at the gunshow , bulk powder in a poor selection but $106 for 8 lbs is alot cheaper than the guns stores . I have seen surplus powders on the net starting at $5 a pound for the pull downs, the ones I was interested in were runing about $8 a pound for ones in the burn rate of blc-2 and 335 . I am going to try some maybe pretty soon


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Lmao thats a long time bushmaster. If you want to buy powder pm me. I have a local place. He has a big selection

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