Which arrows and broadheads for deer and bear?


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I found my self in the same situation what spine of arrows should I be shooting 60# @ 29 draw..Well I found a nice graph on line and got info from other hunters to back it up.I should be around a 350 spine shaft. The arrows a archery shop in Atwater that set me up were way to heavy for my draw weight the guy also had a bad attitude I will never go back !!.I hear one of the best archery shops for the central valley is in Stockton I forgot the name of it already but if you know your length of arrow and your bow is tuned already you can order from ebay and if its from an Archery shop most likely they will trim to size for you with no extra cost .

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Get OT2 and you can build a virtual arrow first...great tool for arrow development. You've hit it right when the screen looks like this: (click image to enlarge)


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