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Mar 13, 2001
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Just thought it might be a good idea to talk about seabass a little.
What outfits do you use? For a jig stick I usually use a Penn jigmaster with around 30 lb test. I dont think seabass are as line shy as other fish.
What are your favorites?
I also use a jigmaster for squid. Like I said I dont think seabass are line shy. I usually use 25 or 30 for bait also. If you have a lighter outfit with 15 or 20 it would be good to bring that, just in case. You can use it as a Calico Bass outfit also.
If you have heavy white jigs, bring them. Several Tady or Salas jigs will work. Salas Jigs from 6X jr on the smaller side on up to 7X or PL 68 on the large side. A Tady 45 in white will also work. Whats your favorite jigs?
Bring a variety of hooks from size 2 (for bass) up to 2/0 or 3/0 for using squid.
Bring different sizes of torpedo sinkers. Usually 2 to 4 ozs will work but I always bring some heavier ones too for tough current.
Dont forget the egg sinkers from half ounce to 2 oz.

We can talk about techniques. What is your favorite way to catch seabass?
I like yo yoing a jig tipped with a squid or two.
A squid on a  white leadhead will also work.
A dropper loop with a torpedo sinker.

What else? What works for you?             Fubar

d trees

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Oct 27, 2001
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Hey fubar well I guess I will go first it really depends on the time of year you are fishing them and depth of water my favorite way is mid to late spring in the shallows and like to use leadheads cuz its direct to the fish when you feel the bite you know where the hook is when you use slidding sinkers perch smelt blacksmith small bass can hold your bait off the bottom where your sinker is with a leadhead its harder for the junk to do it.

the other way is the Iron i prefer the tady 45 any color without squid on it but you cant have much current or you wont be able to keep it on the bottom.

Lots of current I prefer the meduim heavy single hook Iron ESP in short water so there easy to release .On the skiff we dont even take them out of the water.

All right no more secrets     :roll-wink-green:


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