Whitetail provides awesome experiences, by Ted Nugent


Mar 11, 2001
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Whitetail provides awesome experiences.

Ted Nugent, The Jackson (MI) Citizen Patriot

Saturday, September 15, 2001

Long live the beast! May he thrive forever in the natural habitat of my heart and soul! Simply stated, my quality of life would be sadly lessened if not for the mighty whitetail deer.The beauty of this awesome beast's wildness is the carrot for my adventurous daily existence. Certainly my ultimate quality of life comes directly from my beloved family and ourspiritual relationship with God.

Though the invigorating, stimulating sizzle of fresh backstraps on the grill is reason enough to truly love the whitetail deer, our appreciation for this fascinating creature comes well before that.

In its ultimate form, man's respect for the wild is at its finest when we seek to connect with wildlife on every level. But it is the consumption of this pure protein that perfectly bonds us to the critters, a life-giving value that has no equal. Tribe Nuge has sustained itself almost exclusively on this phenomenal natural, healthy renewable food for more than 30 years.

When one personally kills one's own food, a powerful sense of reverence for both lives hits hard, and the sin of waste takes on an inescapable dimension.To say venison is precious is an understatement. The nonhunting world could learn much about renewable resource value and appreciation, management and environmental awareness from the honorable hunting families of this world. As goes the beast, truly goes our soul. Long live the beast.

It was October 1949 and I was approaching my first birthday when I made my maiden voyage into whitetail land.

I am excited to celebrate my 52nd hunting season in 2001, having never missed that wonderful natural excitement a single year of my life.That represents massive wild time and God knows it's got to be good for a guy. No wonder my music reeks of the Great Spirit! No wonder I have so much energy and attitude! Though it took this uppity, intense rock-n-roll guitarboy more than 20 years to kill my first deer, I don't regret a single cold, wet, frustrating minute of those mesmerizing hunts.

Like every hunt in the wild, we learn so much about ourselves, the world and certainly about the beast, that all that challenge goes directly into our personal constitutional reinforcement. I thank my Dad, Fred Bear, Uncle John, God and His whitetail deer for all of it.

I have nearly caught up for all those untagged years now. Some of my luckier arrows have brought home record-book deer. But the ultimate trophy remains the eye-to-eye, spirit-to-spirit encounter with the beast, and the fresh flow of delicious flesh for my family dinner table.

Most importantly, the whitetail has taught me much about priorities. My fleeting weekend hunts have morphed into a glorious five-month nonstop hunt season spiritual orgy now.

In 1973 I decided nothing was more important than fall season home with my growing family, especially as the kids grew into school age. Fortunately, school season just happens to be my beloved hunting season, and I'm able to fulfill my moral obligation as a parent with my craving for the hunt. The planets do align during this hunter moon.

Now I do more than hunt every day for five months. Now I book and guide hundreds of hunters each year through my Sunrize Safaris, helping to be a part of the spiritual baptism of new young hunters every year.

I find this shared campfire as compelling as hunting itself. To witness the spiritual explosion and growth of new hunters is not only exciting, but my pride grows knowing I am part of a recruitment system that places a stronger emphasis on conservation and new conservation policy by which new, increasedAs we enter the peak season for the whitetail deer,let us take their spirit deep into our own. With every precious step, keep a silent prayer on your lips for these wild things and a salute them in our hearts.

Share with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and strangers the wonderment of their wildness and beauty. Spread the important truth about habitat management in a scary world of urban sprawl.

Help the non-hunter learn how all of our quality of lives will be determined by the clean air, soil and water-producing system of wildlife habitat. Shout it out loud that as goes the wild and her beasts, so goes the quality of life for all living things. Share with everyone the pureness of venison, the pureness of the hunt, the pureness of the hunter's heart.

Take your kids hunting so you won't have to hunt for your kids. Chase the mighty whitetail deer and celebrate that we are whitetail fanatics. Continue to try to outwit this master of escape and cunning. This is good. Long live the beast. Long live the whitetail fanatic.
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