Whitetails Unlimited Continues Support of CWD Alliance


Mar 11, 2001
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Whitetails Unlimited Continues Support of CWD Alliance


National clearinghouse provides information on deer disease.

Whitetails Unlimited has again donated $5,000 to the CWD Alliance to further their mission of the distribution of responsible and accurate communication about Chronic Wasting Disease, and to support strategies that effectively control CWD to minimize its impact on cervids.

Whitetails Unlimited was an early supporter of the CWD Alliance, an organization that pools resources and works as a central clearing house for CWD information, for both the hunting public as well as professionals in wildlife, conservation , research and other related fields.

Founded in January, 2002, the CWD Alliance has a web site at www.cwd-info.org that provides a great deal of information about CWD, including up to date press releases, available resources, recommendations for hunters, a collection of state regulations and laws about CWD, and an extensive set of links for additional CWD information.

"The CWD Alliance is a tremendous resource that provides solid, accurate information for both sportsmen and professionals," said WTU Executive Director Pete Gerl. "We realized early on that when provided with accurate information people tend to make decisions based on scientific facts, not fear or rumor. It's a daunting task to keep up with the wide array of information provided by researchers, regulators and wildlife managers, but the people at the Alliance have put together a clearinghouse that is of benefit to everyone. We're very happy to provide continued financial support.

"This web site is particularly useful for a hunter who travels across state lines to hunt, because they keep up on all the changing regulations about transporting deer and elk meat, racks, and carcasses," Gerl said.

While hunters should always check local game regulations with the proper state agencies, the CWD Alliance web site is a good place for a hunter to start their research.

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Pete Gerl, Whitetails Unlimited (920) 743-6777, ext 105

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