Who do they work for???? Not me!


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Nov 7, 2001
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> There are currently several campaign finance reform bills circulating in
> Washington.  These bill have the potential to silence activist
> organizations like SCI, NRA, GOA, WLFA, and so many others.  Politicians
> "of the people" apparently have chosen to ignore the fact that these are
> organizations "of the people".  The average U.S. citizen does not have the
> time, wherewithal, nor inclination to track every bill in congress.
> That's why they pay membership dues to such watchdog organizations to
> track the bill, as well as congressional voting records, and keep them
> informed.  These bill by very well leave you and I in the dark as to what
> our elected officials are up to in Washington.
> Please read the following two E-mail Alerts from the Gun Owners of America
> and the Liberty Committee.  They explain the details of these bill and
> their possible implications.  Each alert offers a sample letter and a way
> to contact your elected officials to let them know in no uncertain terms
> that these bills ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE!  Please contact them today, before it
> is too late.
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> http://www.gunowners.org
> (Monday, July 9, 2001) -- Over the objections of pro-gun advocates, House
> Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) has moved to force House consideration
> of the anti-gun campaign finance deform bill, also known as the Incumbent
> Protection Act.  The version the House is expected to consider may be H.R.
> 2356, H.R. 2360, or another as-yet-unnumbered bill.
> The Senate version of this legislation, passed on April 2, would ban TV
> and radio appearances by tax-exempt groups like GOA which mention a
> congressman's name within 60 days of a general election [section 203, as
> amended by the Wellstone amendment].
> In the House, Republicans and Democrats are expected to push competing
> proposals:
>   * H.R. 2356, the Democratic bill, adopts the McCain-Feingold approach,
> requiring GOA to report its large donors if staff members appear on TV or
> radio and mention a congressman's name. In addition, it would label these
> activities on behalf of the Second Amendment as "electioneering," thereby
> threatening the tax status and the very existence of groups like GOA.
> It is true the bill would invoke a $10,000 threshold -- immediate
> expenditures under that amount would not trigger the "electioneering"
> provision -- but every moment our staff spent
> studying gun control issues in preparation for radio and TV appearances
> could arguably count toward this threshold.
>   * Section 302 of H.R. 2360, the Republican bill introduced by
> Congressman Bob Ney (OH), would require reporting of "targeted mass
> communications" on TV and radio which exceed $50,000 in costs, but would
> not require disclosure of contributors.
> But, whatever version the House adopts, the House leadership, if
> successful, will have moved an unacceptable anti-gun bill a step closer to
> enactment.
> ACTION: Call your congressman.  Ask him to vote against final passage of
> the Incumbent Protection Bill, IN WHATEVER FORM.  Please use the
> pre-written letter below to help direct your comments to Capitol Hill.
> You can call your Representative at 1-877-762-8762(toll free) or at
> 202-225-3121.  To identify your Representative, as well as to send a
> message via e-mail, see the Legislative Action Center at
> http://www.gunowners.org/activism.htm on the GOA website.
> ----- Pre-written message -----
> Dear Congressman:
> Every version of the anti-gun Incumbent Protection Bill is
> unconstitutional and unacceptable to me.  The Senate bill would ban free
> speech within 60 days of an election if it mentions a
> congressman's name on television.
> The Shays bill would register groups which engage in this form of
> communication.  Even the Ney bill would register pro-gun groups exercising
> their First Amendment rights.
> Please vote against final passage of this abomination, IN WHATEVER FORM IT
> IS REPORTED by the Committee of the Whole.
> Sincerely,    
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> http://www.thelibertycommittee.org
> Dear liberty activist,
> (Wednesday, July 11, 2001)-- One thing politicians will fight to keep is
> power, whether that power is stolen from the people or not.  As long as
> the people are asleep, politicians get away with their illicit power
> grabs.  One power grab leads to another, and too soon, the people are
> without liberty because piece by piece, they let their political power
> slip away.
> Representatives and senators who oppose campaign-finance reform bills
> because all such bills are unconstitutional are correct.  McCain-Feingold,
> Shays-Meehan, Ney-Wynn -- or any other campaign-finance reform bill --
> violates the First Amendment.  That makes such bills illegal.  Even
> Senator McCain admits it!
> What these politicians won't admit is that they don't have the power.  The
> Constitution specifically does not give to representatives and senators
> the power to make laws affecting campaigns so they cannot control the
> outcome of their own reelections (and for good reason!).  But how many
> Washington politicians will stand on the floor of the House or Senate and
> admit the truth...that the only power they have is that limited, specific
> power
> granted by the Constitution?
> Today, we sent to every House and Senate office a one-page reminder that
> Congress has the enumerated power to regulate only the time, place, and
> manner of elections - not campaigns (those are two very different things).
> Campaign-finance reform is illegal.  We sent along an invitation to read
> the clear and unmistakable explanation prepared by esteemed constitutional
> expert and our senior legal advisor Herbert W. Titus.  To read Mr. Titus'
> important work, go to http://www.thelibertycommittee.org/campaign.htm
> Now, send your representative and senators the message they don't want to
> hear.  Tell them "You don't have the power."  Go to the "Take Action" box
> at http://capwiz.com/liberty/issues/bills/?bill=42533
> Do this now, while you still have the power...because if one version of
> so-called "campaign-finance reform" passes as that bill is currently
> written, E-mail messages such as this one will become illegal!
> Kent Snyder
> The Liberty Committee
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jerry d

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Mar 17, 2001
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Who the hell do these people think they are!!!!

This is a constitutional free speech issue as far as I'm concerned. I don't care what issues it concerns, pro or anti whatever. We just finished celebrating the birth of this nation based on freedoms and rights and these bozo's try to pull something like this for the simple purpose of being able to get re-elected.

Damn right I'm gonna contact my elected "non- representative". This is BS!!!!

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