Who taught you to shoot?


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My first experience with marksmanship came in basic training at Lackland AFB. Kinda wish I did the sniper thing in the Army or Marines though.


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I got lessons from just about all the family members. The state team showed me how to be accurate with open sights to long distances now the only problem is I cant shoot scopes very well anymore but I think I've worked it out. Have to make sure cause this fall going antelope hunting and would like to use my 700vs with 3.5-10x44mm but Ill bring the M1A along too just in case.


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My Grandpa taught me the four fundamental rules of firearms safety, as well as the fundamentals of marksmanship. He wasn't a military man, just an original cowboy that grew up hunting his food. After this deployment, and before he gets too old to shoulder his rifle and place a shot, I want to take him somewhere to get an Elk.

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