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Apr 4, 2001
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I haven't been online since September 30th and thought I would get on tonight to connect with the "Cam-fam" and it seems like a feud has been taking place. I guess all families go through growing pains from time to time. I just hope this site doesn't suffer any major set-backs. I won't even ask what happened, why it happened, and who was involved. It seemed to have upset Jesse enough to have him pull the plug on the whole contest thing.
So, I don't need to know, nor do I care to know any more about it than that. It seemed to be a very good idea when it was first announced. Oh well, things happen!

Let's heal the wounds and keep this all for fun. I always have fun getting online to browse and see what everone is doing to perfect the cameras. Many minds are better than one. My last two cameras are totally improved over my first one. All the way down to the finest details. Many people are responsible for my success with building these cameras. An idea here and there have caused me to think about new things to try. Thanks to those that have shared ideas and supported those in need of help.
My hunting season has taken on a totally different feel this year because of the scouting that I have been able to do with my cameras. A deer track is not just a deer track anymore. Now I see what left that track and can move on to another area or scout that area out better to determine what my best advantages for harvesting a nice buck are.
I hope that everyone connected with this site appreciates the opportunity to come together and share techniques and tools for making us better hunters. I KNOW I DO!

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