Why so many little ones?


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I know you fish Jackman and the equivalent in fishing of what you said is:
Trout and bass are so beautiful swimming around in Lake Lobdel, I don't see the need to put a hook on your line.
How can you hunt is you don't shoot, how can you fish without a hook on your line.
so really what have you hunted all your life that didn't require being shot, inquiring mind would like to know?
so to answer your straight forward queston with a straight forward answer:
I hunt for Meat, Rabbit, quial, dove, squirrel, Deer Bear and many I have yet to hunt
Bear meat is one of IMO the best meats out there and the reason we shoot them is it is illegal ti trap, snare, net or Hook them
By law we must shoot bear Deer Elk you know Big Game. Hope this answered your question ?
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