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Wilderness Unlimited Membership

WU Membership is it worth it or not?

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    Votes: 23 16.0%
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    Votes: 44 30.6%
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I have been hunting hogs on BLM & National forest land here in CA. However, it is increasingly difficult to get into decent ladns for pigs and deer and it seems like everywhere I turn WU has another ranch under it's control. Before I inquire directly to them about their membership and get their biased view, I was hoping my friends here at JHO could help educate me about what they offer, their pricing structure, and any other information that might help me decide if it's worth it or not.

thanks for the help.


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I spoke on the phone to a rep and it took a while, but I got him to state an annual price. They wanted $1200.00 per year for hunting, fishing, and camping. They also insist on coming to your house to meet you, your wife, and your kids. This must be done before they will decide to let you in. Part of me agrees because they need to keep out the crazies and the yahoos, but part of me feels like I am trying to get into a country club full of snobs. Anyway, at that price, I will continue to fight the crowds and bust my butt on the steep hills of California public land in my continuing quest for a deer and/or pig.


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Just a suggestion... before this ends up as many other WU threads have, maybe do a search and read some of the myriad threads that have discussed, often in very strong terms, the pros and cons of WU. There is enough to keep you busy reading for several hours.

Bwana Turtle

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I spoke on the phone to a rep and it took a while, but I got him to state an annual price. They wanted $1200.00 per year for hunting, fishing, and camping.

Do you have any idea what the initiation fee is ?


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If I was retired or could hunt M-F, I'd join WU in a heartbeat.

I know many, many, satisfied members.

But ALL are retired, or can hunt whenever they want.

IMHO, it is not a good weekend warrior program.

mudhen - CA


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I used to be a member. First of all the first year is about $2200.00 for one person. The extra $1000 is for leasing lands, according to them. The second year is $1200 for one person. Thats including big game hunting, which includes 1deer, 1 pig, and one bear, or any combination of 2+1. And if ur successful in one property, they ask u not to hunt there for rest of membership season. You can only take your spouse or children. No buddies or cousins. if you want to hunt birds, then you have to give another $600 on top of the big game ($1200). They have really nice properties if you live in central california. During my one year membership i was able to harvest 2 really nice hogs. The hunting in their properties is restricted to seasons. I think its worth it if your going to utilize all that they offer. For me i did not have much time to hunt and cancelled my membership. I almost forgot, membership dues go down to $1200 after the first year.


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I am able to hunt whatever days I choose and so I am looking for the kind of opportunity that some good private land will bring. Something that will allow me to get away from crowded areas and steep-crappy BLM and Nat Forest areas that yield very few animals. The prices sound kind of steep for only one animal of each, I can get better bang for my buck with a decent guide. I was hoping they would allow taking of more than one animal per member thereby making the investment worth it. And, I can understand limiting everyone to one animal on an individual property, but why for all their properties? Not too sure I like that.

Thanks for the great feedback so far and keep 'em coming.

I'll update this thread again once I talk with them and get my anal-exam.


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the membership allowes to harvest 3 animals. Any combination u want, pig, deer and bear. Or 2 pig one bear. Or 2 deer 1 pig. or just one of each which totals to 3. U can also purchase a plus membership, cost is $600, then u can add i believe is two more animals that u can shoot. With a plus membership u can also take a friend with u. the plus membership is in addition on top of the yearly dues. U can add as many plus memberships as u want. U have to call and reserve the ranch u want to hunt. I would always have hard trouble getting the ranches i really wanted to hunt.


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To update everyone who was kind enough to reply I have now joined WU.

I want to thank everyone on this post for giving me just information and un-emotional replies.

Backcountry, I did read most of the other posts, that is why I started this one, just hoping for more rational comments. When I read the other posts all I got was just a few random coherent responses, but a ton of emotional rantings that are not what I was looking for. The other posts concerning this topic were good reading for entertainment purposes since the fur was flying
, however they lacked any civil discourse and pertinent data about what WU offers. I'm just amazed at the ferocity of some people towards WU, you'd think WU raped their wife and killed their children. When I read commentary such as that I assume the person is not the type of person I would want in the blind next me, or on the hill hunting deer/pigs anyway, so that's good they are no longer membes.

They charged me an enrollment fee of $1,195, and the full-membership is $1,495 annually.
Two deer, two pigs, one bear. And, unlimited turkey, ducks, geese, doves, quail, antelope, pheasant, varmint, fishing and camping anywhere anytime.

They have a set of rules that members must follow or risk ejection from the club, that is one of the big reasons I joined. I enjoy hunting where I know the guy next to me isn't a sky-busting, rap-music-playing, only-going-for-the-beer, shoot-anything-that-moves, and leave-their-trash-everywhere kind of person. I've hunted all of Southern California since I was 8 and I am now 45. I have seen idiots at Wister knock down Pelicans, Seagulls and Swans. I have seen BLM land littered with so many beer cans that I could have made $60.00 by turning in the aluminum. I have seen once prime hunting land ruined with trees shot-up and livestock harrassed. I am looking forward to having numerous private areas to hunt and fish without the "crazies and Yahoos" to contend with.

I am able to hunt any day of the week I choose, so it looks like a perfect opportunity for me. Plus all the othe opportunities to take my family fishing and camping without having to deal with the enormous crowds and drunken-water-shiers.

Thanks again for the help in making my decision to join WU.


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Sounds like you definately did your homework and made an informed decision. My bet is that at least half of the "emotional rantings" you've read may in part be due to guys poorly researching what they were getting into.

Good luck, and keep us posted!



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Hi Hotload1

You hit the nail on the head. I have been a WU member for 2 years there are critters but you do have to look its not canned hunting. I will be at Montgomery Ranch Monday and I will try fro a D-9 zone ranch the week after plus one for mid-October. After Soccer season I will hit hard for pigies . Maybe we will see each other at one of the ranchs.



Kiss The Ring
did you get a free case of beer when you signed up? It seems like that was the "case" when I went to one of the WU duck clubs at the Salton Sea.


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Hope to see you out there too, although I am not going for deer this year. I have not hunted deer yet and this was my first year for piggies too, but next year I wil definately be out there for deer. Like you said it is not a canned-hunt, and I like that. I've been hunting waterfowl and upland game for over 30 years, and within the last year I got bitten by the big-game-bug and I can't seem to read or talk about it enough.

It is $1,195 for a one-time enrollment fee + the first year membership opf $1,495, for a grand total the first year of $2,690. Since I paid for everything irght up front and didn't finance it, they shaved off $100, so the total for me was $2,590 for the first year, and will be $1,495 annually thereafter.

I didn't get any beer just a case of 15-year-old single-malt Scotch . . .

Thanks, I hope there isn't a problem with that either, we'll see. . . . I love mid-week hunting - no crowds and little traffic, so I don't think it will be too much of an issue. With all the ranches they own I think it would take me years to hunt and scout them all anyway.

I will be focusing on pigs, turkey and waterfowl this fall/winter, and I hope to meet some people out there since my hunting buddy works weekdays and can't join me on the big-game ranches anyway. I'll be posting some photos and stories after I've had a chance to get out there and do a bit of hunting.

Hapiness is a large gutpile.
Good luck with WU. I have beren a member for four years, this year I am inactive because of a trip to africa. There are good places to hunt and bad ones. Ask other poeple that you run into and check the hunting reports. If you go a deer season and do not see a place mentioned, probably aviod it. Let me just say aviod TD Ranch, do not waste your time.

I like the fact that they limit the number of people on a ranch, and there are no hikers atv'ers, etc.

Shoot me an e-mail if you want my opinion on a ranch.

Good Luck, hope to see you out there.

S.K. Snyder


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I like WU very much. If I were you I wouldn't join. And all of you that hate it.......Keep this thread going. Better for me. The less people the better.


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Sk Snyder,

What's your opinion on the Benz Ranch..its a newer ranch..backs Cedar Canyon and Cummings.
I have not hunted Benz Ranch (#195), but I have hunted Cummings a lot, and even got a pig on Cummings in May of 2000. Benz is next door to Cummings. In the last six years there has been a lot of home building going on around those ranches, it is not as wild as it use to be. I use to go to Cummins because it was close to home, but since I shot that pig I have not seen any more. I waatch the hunting reports, and only a few pigs have been taken from there.

If you archery hunt for deer, Cummings and Benz have the opportunity to be good during the rifle season, becasue deer will jump over from Tejon and the other properties.

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