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Hey guys, was thinking of looking into the WU, does anyone have any insight or thoughts about the pros, cons, ect. Thank you.


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OUCH! If you search past posts you will see this has been a hot topic multiple times. Members either love them or hate them. I was a member for a while, but got frustrated with some preferential treatment I found with certian members. I will warn you that many people I have talked to had a very aggressive sales person when they asked for info from the club.
I do not think my situation was typical, but I had an area I wanted to waterfowl hunt that I struggled to get on. When I finally got on after setting a reservation for weeks in the future I spoke with a dog trainer who was a Plus Member who was hunting it every weekend. I asked how he got on that often and he did not have an answer. I called the club and they did not give me a satisfactory answer either.


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I went through their dog and pony show not too long ago. They could have easily answered a few questions over the phone, but insisted I meet with one of them. Now I know whey they work in such a way. The presentation was a full press sales pitch. If all their representatives are like the one I met there must be a lot of suckers out there.
Seemed like a lot to offer if it is true, but the sleazeball tactics eventually came out. The sales person insisted I needed to sign on right then and there even though I made it clear I simply wanted basic info and was not signing up for anything, let alone a hunting membership, on the spot. He even pulled out extra options to lure me in, but I had none of it. I was actually embarrassed for the guy. When the guy sensed I was not giving him my money that day he became a complete asshole. Had he not been so much older than me I would have thrown him down the stair case rather than escort him out as I did.
I have no issues with people doing business, but I am no fool and never allow anyone to pressure me into any sale. My experience was so poor they would have to pay me at this point to join their club.
One thing to note, I ran the numbers the dickhead gave me and if true, wilderness unlimited brings in enormous amounts of money selling memberships. I mean stupid amounts of money. Made me feel as though they are trying to use their huge revenue to buy up all the hunting leases they can so anyone wanting to hunt must go through them.
Sales guy told me they had thrown out multiple members this year, for whatever reason, and that is why I was one of the lucky ones being considered. Well heck, if they throw someone out and open up a slot what is to say they don't do so every time they need to sell more memberships? What about the costs involved? Were those thrown out refunded? All sounded just way to communist to me not to mention the fact that the salesperson even talked to me about Nazis and how they knew how to run things well. (was this guy for real?) Furthermore, he even made a racist remark about one of the photos in his book. I'm not making this stuff up folks.
I would like to think that my experience was isolated, but I have a hard time believing that. I am positive the people up top at WU know what is going on. However, I have met a member and I do believe the member are good folks. Person I met was a hunting enthusiast, just like myself.
Anyhow, that is just an ultra short version of what I experienced. I could type on for several pages about what happened. My opinion, try contacting them and have them ruin your day otherwise steer clear.


I has very similar experience with the WU and the guy who came in. Interesting thing though, before he came i was 80% ready to join. After this conversation i was 100% that I was not going to join.
I think that for some reason it is general WU tactics and has nothing to do with a particular sales person. I'm sure that at upper level at WU they know what is going on.


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WU is a great club and I wouldn't give it up for nothing. Is it hard to get on ranches. Not really. If you think you can make reservations the day before you want to go for one of the believed to be top ranches yes it could be difficult to get on. The guys that do the sales pictch are tough, but they are trying to find out who really is interested and who isn't. I've met a few bad apples in the club over the years but I have met hundreds of great people. If I want to go hunting I rarley have difficulty finding a ranch to go hunt. It might be 180 miles in the opoosite direction I was planning to go, but it is still a place to go. If you need any specifics PM me.


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My dad and I just joined after years of going back and forth. So far its been an enjoyable experience but on multiple occasions we did meet the before mentioned salesperson. Guy is a total... well he just isnt my cup of tea. I brought it up to a couple people at WU. I would say if you a family with young hunters its a good way to go. For me the ability to take the wife and kids and atleast have a place to go to routinely see game is a huge plus. The trade is you are in a club with rules and regulations and a system that they adhere very strictly

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