Wildlife Area likely to stay closed


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Mar 19, 2001
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A mounth or so ago there was an artical in my local paper.  It said that there was a good chance Butte slough W/A could be reopened.  The Sutter county board of soups., the Sutter co. fish and game commission, even the State board of reclamation, which owns the property were up for it.
  Now todays paper says DFG is saying no, Ron Bertram says "its time to move on and work on other areas".  Chuck Wyllie a Sutter co. F&G commissioner is getting signatures for a petition(Chuck use to post on hoss's old board) but Bertram said it will make no diffrance.  "That's just how it gose sometimes" Bertram said.
Well thanks for nothing Mr. Bertram you let one property owner screw the public out of a good area.
This ones for you bud.   :moon:

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