Wildlife violations filed in S. Illinois hunting lodge case


Mar 11, 2001
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Four charged for illegal hunting practices

Harrisburg Daily Register

April 24, 2002

    HARDIN COUNTY - A yearlong undercover operation at the Arrowhead Lodge in rural Elizabethtown has resulted in four people being charged with wildlife law violations by Illinois Department of Natural Resources' conservation police officers, according to an IDNR release.

     Owner of the lodge Jerry R. Haney, 49, Elizabethtown; William S. Bryant, 63, Godfrey; Ronald E. Coale, 53, Jerseyville; Craig L. Coale, 29, Spring Grove, were charged with deer hunting-related violations.

     Haney was charged with felony unlawful possession of illegally killed whitetail deer for commercial purposes, taking a deer with a rifle, illegally transporting a loaded gun, illegally using a vehicle and vehicle lights to take game and illegally possessing a deer tag.

     The others face lesser charges, the release indicates.

     The investigation was partially funded by the J.J. Wolf Fund, a fund supported by sportsmen and others concerned about Illinois natural resources.

     Anyone with a tip about Natural Resource law violations may call 1-877-236-7529.

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