Wildlife Violators Compact Bill Introduced in PA


Mar 11, 2001
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Wildlife Violators Compact Bill Introduced in PA


Multiple Sportsmen's Issues Being Addressed in General Assembly

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Representative Marc Gergely, co-chairman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus and Executive Council Member of the National Assembly of Sportsmen's Caucuses (NASC) along with other members of the House recently introduced HB2364 in the General Assembly which would allow Pennsylvania to join the Interstate Wildlife Violators Compact.

The Wildlife Violators Compact was created in 1989 by being passed into law in Colorado, Utah and Oregon. Since that time, twenty-five additional states have signed on. The border states of Maryland, New York and Ohio are member states of the Compact.

Wildlife Violators Compact establishes the mechanism that allows fish and wildlife departments to share information about people who commit fish and wildlife violations between the member states. The availability of this information helps stop poachers and other violators from moving their illegal activities to another state after receiving a violation elsewhere.

Wildlife law violations by a non-resident from a member state is handled as if the person were a resident, in that personal recognizance is permitted instead of arrest, booking, and bonding. This process increases the efficiency of law enforcement officials by allowing more time for enforcement duties rather than violator processing procedures.

The Wildlife Violator Compact also includes a reciprocal recognition of license privilege or right suspension by member states which means that any person whose license privileges or rights are suspended in another member state may also be suspended in Pennsylvania and vice-versa. However, suspensions are not automatic; the Compact simply makes the exchange of information available to all member states. Individual states make the decisions on suspensions.

The compact is overseen by a board of administrators, consisting of one representative of the wildlife law enforcement or licensing authority division from the fish & wildlife agency of each participating state.

The Pennsylvania Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus was formed in 1995 and is comprised of legislators that defend, protect and promote hunting and fishing. The caucus is affiliated with NASC. The current Co-Chairs of the caucus are Representative Marc Gergely and Representative Keith Gillespie.

Not only will the Caucus be addressing the Wildlife Violators Compact bill when they return from recess, there are several sportsmen's issues that are receiving consideration this session.

HB 747 ' allows for the auctioning of one elk tag. 20% of the proceeds go to the auctioning conservation organization; the balance goes to the Game Commission's Elk Program.

HB 1116 ' allows a person to purchase a voucher for a hunting or fishing license for a third party.

HR 549 ' this resolution urges government agencies of Pennsylvania and its subdivisions to create more space where persons can hunt, fish and boat.

HR626 (adopted 3/10/2008) ' recognizes April 2008 as 'Outdoor Heritage Month in the Pennsylvania Alleghenies'


HB 2228 ' Ammunition Serialization. A BAD bill for sportsmen; would require manufacturers to microscopically engrave serial numbers on the base of bullets and inside cartridge casings during the manufacturing process. Each box of ammunition would have the same serial number as the cartridges inside. Unencoded ammunition would have to be disposed of; a tax on each bullet would fund a state database of citizens whose purchase encoded ammunition. Similar legislation in Maryland has already failed in the 2008 session.

About the National Assembly of Sportsmen's Caucuses (NASC)
The National Assembly of Sportsmen's Caucuses, a program of the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation (CSF), serves as the umbrella for 35 affiliated state legislative sportsmen's caucuses. NASC is the leader in providing information to protect and promote sportsmen's issues in state legislatures, serving as the venue for focused interaction and idea exchange among state caucus leaders and the outdoors community. For additional information, visit the NASC website at www.statesportsmenslink.org or call 202-543-6907.

Pennsylvania ranks 5th nationwide in number of sportsmen and 4th in total spending. To learn more about how Pennsylvania's 1.4 million sportsmen spend $9.6 million per day, visit www.sportsmenslink.org for the full report.

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