Winchester Repeating Arms Announces 1892 Takedown Rifle


Mar 11, 2001
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Winchester Repeating Arms Announces 1892 Takedown Rifle


<table align="right"><tbody><tr><td>

</td></tr></tbody></table>Morgan, Utah - Where were you in 1932? That's how long it has been since Winchester Repeating Arms produced the Model 1892 in a takedown version.

In 1884, John M. Browning was granted a patent for what would be known as the 1892 lever action rifle. Taking the 1886 design and scaling it down to accommodate pistol and the smaller rifle cartridges, John M. performed his magic and brought to market what some call the most popular Winchester lever action rifle ever created.

The takedown version of the 1892 has always been a rare piece to find as they were only produced through special order. Today, in conjunction with Winchester Repeating Arms, Davidson's Gallery of Guns once again makes it possible to own a piece of history.

This limited edition High Grade 1892 Takedown features grade II-III walnut, pistol grip, buck horn style rear sight and crescent butt plate. It is also drilled and tapped for tang sights. Special serial numbering is sure to make this rifle a much sought after piece by serious collectors.

Available in the following calibers and barrel lengths:

20" Barrel (Serial numbers 000-500 for each caliber)

* 44-40
* 45 LC
* MSRP $1874.95

24" Barrel (Serial numbers 000-250 for each caliber)

* 44-40
* 38-40
* 32-20
* 45 LC
* MSRP $1899.95


Scott Grange or Paul Thompson (801)876-2711 ext. 3306 or ext. 3229

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