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Wino I Have A Deal & Offer 4 U Bro...


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Wino I am liquidating some of my equipment this year I have 2 complete Bowfishing rig set ups one is compound that I use and the other one is a brand new complete ready to fish TD Recurve I kept around incase I had a friend who wanted to bowfish with me but that's never happened so I was going to sell that set up locally for some quick cash but If I can help out a outstanding jho member like u I am willing to give u a great deal on this bowfishing rig set up and get u back out bowfishing, miss your your annual bowfishing post!

What's great about this set up u can use it for bowfishing or hunting or target shooting.

So I am going to post pics of the set up for u here if its something u b intrested in then I will PM u my price offer for u and see if we can make this work out for both of us.
If decide u want to buy my set up I will b willing in good faith to ship u the complete bowfishing set up first then when u receive it and it's all good I would trust u to send me a check then.
This deal is 4 u only!

So here's pics and description of the set up, if u r Intrested let me know and I will PM u what I am asking for it I want to give u a great deal as possible that could make u very happy I hope, but we can discuss that through PM.

Here's the description the the complete bowfishing pkg.

1) Brand New Samick Sage 3 piece Take Down + bn string
61" 40 lb. Draw weight
2) Brand New Zebco 808 bowfishing reel w/80 lb test
3) Brand New Cajun Reel Seat
4) Brand New Muzzy Fishhook Arrow Rest
5) Brand New Original Arrow Rest
6) 6 AMS Bowfishing Arrow Shafts 5 b/n 1 used and 3 ready to shoot shafts with gar points
7) limbsavers and limb covers

Ok I believe that's everything here's the pics....tra

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Roman Archer...
So sorry dude. I just saw this today (5/7). I just bought a new rig 2 weeks ago from a client out in Vegas. I haven't been to active on here as my new job is keeping me busy. Thank you very much for thinking of me. I appreciate it.

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No problem bro glad to hear u got another bowfishing rig that's great.
Man I haven't used mine in a long time I need to break it out on a nice calm clear day for some bank bowfishing. Have a great weekend Wino....tra

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