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Wisconsin's trophies


Please post your Wisconsin trophies. This includes all game animals. Pictures can be yours, your families or your friends.

Remember that your photo's must be under 640 pixels wide so people don't have to scroll back and forth.
this is not my best but it was good enough for the last saturday of gun season. both brow tines were broken off. it is shown by a young hunting buddy of mine. next year she gets to start hunting.



Here is a dandy buck that I arrowed the 3rd day of the Wisconsin Archery season. Hope that the picture turns out - this is my first post with photos. I also have a great picture of this deer in velvet on August 30, 2003. If this picture turns out I will post the other picture too.


Got this bad boy with one shot at a range of 300 yards with my 30-06. It grossed 176 B&C points and is a 12-pointer. I think it field dressed at about 250 lb. My biggest buck to date and taken in Wisconsin. Very symmetrical. I had hunted this buck for the 2 seasons prior and and never seen it prior to me shooting it. I just went by the info my hunting partners told me about a large, high-tined buck in the area. Persistence and letting numerous smaller bucks go by paid off. My heart rate probably tripled when I first saw the buck about 5 minutes prior to him getting in a good position for a shot. If you can't get excited about seeing a big buck, I guess you shouldn't be out there. I'm glad I had the 5 minutes of time to calm down and get steady for the shot. Ran 20 yards and dropped dead.

2nd picture is the same deer plus a 145 gross B&C 10-pointer taken 9 years prior both hanging on my trophy wall. I am a good shot and a good hunter, but luck plays so much a part in getting big boys like these.


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