Wolf Consultant gets $425,000 contract!!!!!


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BOW WOW, Looks like a hung over Hype and her scratch boards are very remnant of Rev. Scott's scratch boards


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We need to use science over social 'feelings' to manage wildlife. I don't want wolves and grizzlys to be extinct, but they need to be managed and kept where they belong.


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This is a great example of several chronic problems in wildlife agencies as well as animal "rights" groups. 1) This is wildlife management by emotion versus science. Emotional responses have no place in effective wildlife management. Even Nature itself shows no compassion when a predator kills a prey animal. There is no emotion, only a live or die scenario.

2) Wildlife agencies have developed a "we don't want to be the bad guy" attitude towards public opinion. This is not a popularity contest. Pure science is neither bad, nor good. It's just science. Present the facts, good, bad or ugly and don't slant your findings to a preconceived idea. Let the facts dictate the course of action.

3) Animal groups need to listen to the facts without emotion. If you can't get beyond the fact that animals die, get out of the room. A quote from the article, "Before Madden (​the $425,00 consultant), Wolf Advisory Group meetings were contentious, said group member Diane Gallegos, executive director of Wolf Haven International, a wolf sanctuary in Tenino. 'We didn’t have the expertise that Francine brings to communicate with each other,' Gallegos said. 'We needed the neutral person to break down the walls and make us human beings again.'" "Break down the walls", she said. Those walls weren't put up by the scientists, they were put up by emotional people refusing to listen to the scientists. The word "neutral" is used here. Pure science is, by nature, unbiased and neutral. Which brings me to point #4.

4) All wildlife agencies have Public Relations spokespersons. It is their job to talk to the public and present the agency's findings from a factual, unbiased point of view. If the PR person can't do this effectively then it's obvious they don't have the skills for the job they were hired to do. They should be fired. To be effective, a PR person has to fully understand the topic of the conversation from both sides and be thick skinned because they will be attacked on their viewpoint. This takes time and effort on the part of the PR person. People already distrust the government (with good reason, I might add) so it's an uphill battle to begin with. Convincing a person with an urban/emotional view to change their opinion is not easy. I don't know how much the Washington DFW pays their PR people but I bet it's less than the $1.6 million four year contract this lady is getting. Look at the picture of this lady in the story and see how she is outlining the problems on a board. This is the same technique that a teacher uses in teaching a class. She is teaching people to change their opinion. PR people should be able to do this.

5) Hey WDFW, I'll do this job for a measly $300,000. Have motorhome, will travel! ;)


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Isn't science and any DFW an Oxymoron ?
Don't they hire biologists? The requirements for these jobs require a degree in environmental science, zoology or a related fields. They collect, study and research animals, plants and organisms. DFW employ and use a lot of science. I don't think it's an oxymoron at all.


Sounds like they hired someone who can speak "touchy-feely" to the obstinate members of the board who seem to favor an absolute ban on wolf management, and in doing so made some progress toward real management. Whether it's worth $1.6M, is I guess up to Washingtonians to decide.

A good saying on policy Rinella quotes a lot is if you've got the far left and the far right fringes both equally pissed at you, you're probably on the right track.


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Let's just hire someone else to do our job....at $400/hr and $8,000 per day if she has to show up. Are you kidding me ?


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I saw a bumper sticker while hunting in Idaho this year.

It said ;

"Wolfs, smoke a pack a day "

I happened to see two wolfs on different occasions while there. Needless to say , the hunting was a bit tough.



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