Workplace Protection and No-Net-Loss Legislation Introduced inAlabama!


Aug 31, 2004
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Workplace Protection and No-Net-Loss Legislation Introduced in Alabama!

Two pro-gun bills are currently awaiting committee action and could reach the House floor as early as next week.

House Bill 330, Alabama’s No-Net-Loss legislation, is currently on its third reading in the House Agriculture and Forestry Committee. Sponsored by State Representative Craig Ford (D-28), HB 330 would require that the state maintains at least the level of available public hunting land that currently exists. It requires that additional lands be opened to hunting if land that is currently open to hunting is closed. The end result is to assure hunters that the opportunities they now have will not diminish.

House Bill 364, also introduced by Representative Ford, would permit a law-abiding individual to store their firearms in their locked motor vehicle while parked on a publicly accessible parking lot controlled by their employer or a business they frequent. This bill will protect your right to keep a firearm in your car if you choose to hunt or target shoot before or after work. HB 364 would also allow an individual to keep a firearm in their vehicle for self-defense during their commute to and from work. HB 364 is still pending committee action but could be heard as early as next week.

Please contact your State Representative TODAY at (334) 242-7600 and respectfully urge him or her to support these important pieces of legislation.

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