WTB: Idaho mule deer tag x8


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Jul 9, 2020
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Hello all.
I’m looking to see if there are anyone on here that has decided to not use there Idaho non resident mule deer tag. My group and I just found out they sold out in late June bash.gif. Which was a huge surprise since we were able to buy them over the counter the last few years.
I talked with idfw and they said that we can transfer a tag from one person to another for a small fee. ( which we will pay )
Even a controlled hunt outside of malad

This is a long shot but it’s worth a shot. I’m looking to try and get 8 of them.

Idfw also mentioned to me a return tag sale which I will be looking into as well.

We already rented a house in south east Idaho so we are hoping not to loose out on that as well.

Dm me if you have any or know of anyone or even of a place to post that would be better.

Thank you for your time.

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