WV Hunters need your help!!!

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Sep 24, 2001
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Please Email Wetzel Co. WV Commission Pres. Barbara King Bking@Rcvideo.com and simply tell her NOT to place the Sunday Hunting issue on the Nov. Ballot.
Wetzel Co. WV commissioners are going to decide whether or not to place the Sunday Hunting issue on a referendum ballot Tues. 8/20/02. It is legal to hunt on Sundays on private land only w/ written permission. The Anti's are trying to abolish it. This area has a very very low population, and the commissioners want opions on this subject. I've been lobbying to keep Sunday hunting and have been told by 2 of the 3 commissioners that the vote could go either way depending upon the amount of support of both sides. The hunters are in the minority and have no advocacy so EVERY SINGLE EMAIL counts. Please help your fellow hunters and landowners by making your voice heard. For more info. visit http://mywebpages.comcast.net/mdhunter/sunday.htm
Thank you very much for your help in the preservation of hunters and landowners civil rights.
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