WVDNR Seeks Paintings for 2010 Wildlife


Mar 11, 2001
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WVDNR Seeks Paintings for 2010 Wildlife Calendar, Silver Anniversary Edition


The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Section is requesting original wildlife art and related outdoor scenes for the 2010 edition of the award-winning DNR Wildlife Calendar, according to Curtis I. Taylor, Chief of the Wildlife Resources Section of the Division of Natural Resources. The deadline for submission of artwork is February 13, 2009. A 35-mm color slide or a high resolution electronic image of each entry must be submitted by this date. Artists may send in multiple entries.

"This is our 25th calendar and it offers a wonderful opportunity for artists to feature their work. Besides distribution in West Virginia, our calendars are enjoyed by people all over the United States and are sent to countries around the world," Taylor said.

Artists are encouraged to submit paintings of a wide variety of wildlife topics. These may depict hunting, fishing, landscapes, or feature the state's diverse array of wildlife and plants. Paintings depicting lesser-known animals such as snakes, frogs, turtles, salamanders, bats, songbirds, insects, small mammals (including mice, shrews and moles) as well as nongame fish are all encouraged. Practically any rendering of some aspect of West Virginia's natural resources - animals, plants, landscapes, waterways, hunting, fishing and or nature study experiences can qualify.

Artists are reminded that the calendar format is horizontal with measurements of 14 inches by 11 inches and should keep this ratio in mind when creating paintings. Paintings not chosen in previous years may be resubmitted. "Just because the artwork is not selected one year doesn't mean it will not be selected in the future," Taylor said. "Often, there are several submissions of a particular species or season and only one can be used in a given year.

"We encourage all artists, especially those from West Virginia, to submit their work," said Taylor. "Since this is our Silver Anniversary Calendar, 25th edition, monthly awarded prizes have increased to $100 for every month's painting and $500 for the selected cover. Paintings are chosen based on overall composition and quality, along with anatomical and contextual accuracy. The quality of the submitted slide and electronic image is very important for judging the artwork."

The 2009 West Virginia Wildlife Calendar, featuring a perched great horned owl, is available at WVDNR District Offices, newsstands, convenience marts and retail food stores throughout the state. To obtain 2010 calendar art rules or to purchase a 2009 calendar, please contact the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Wildlife Calendar Art, P.O. Box 67, Elkins, WV 26241, phone (304) 637-0245. Make checks payable to WVDNR in the amount of $9 for each calendar, which includes shipping and handling (W.Va. residents add $.48 for tax). Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are also accepted.

Media Contact:
Curtis Taylor, Wildlife Resources Section (304) 558-2771 wildlife@wvdnr.gov

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