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Aug 16, 2004
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Hello Men,,and Ladies......

Have reseached this site for awhile but have never posted a tread..... so please bear with me..

I have hunted this area since long before it was as X...anything and have specifically hunted x-9b since 1995, except for last year(did not draw)...

Our group consists of 4-10 hunters....we all apply separately..NOT as a group..We vary in ocupation from: retired law enforcement officers, to attorneys to businessmen and even a retired Fish and Game warden....we may have a "zero" tolerance in some areas" and "party animals" mentalities in others....go figure???????

If you were successful in your tag application this year?? CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Since I' Am hunting this year in this area....forgive me for being "non-specific"...hunters are notorious fabicators of reality anyway(can you blame them??) but here is some information that I hope helps...

For those..who have never savored the beauty this pristine region...here are some suggestions:

You should have a 4wd...or........an atv is super.... or.....and a horse is best of all...also take you camera...I would suggest that you camp... and if you do??? up high??? and to take tire chains......

This is a huge hunt unit...(about 20 miles n/s and 10 miles e/w) Unfortunately the actual habitat that regularily supports a viable deer population is less than 10% of
that space(IMO)...Most of you guys...tee hee...hunt that 90% because its convenient....the locals(Bishop) and "yours truly" have figured out this "10%"zone...this is not a testorone trip its just the way way things are in X-9B...

Specific Areas: Hunt from the the school at Lone Pine west...there alot of private property here so check first!!!!!...LOOKING STRAIGHT UP!! That big mountain is called "Sugarloaf"..that area in front of it is great to hunt....or head up toward the road to the "Glacier Pack Station" and to the right of the road..

More WEST and off 168, toward North/South Lake...consider..the swithchback trail to "Coyote Ridge"..On some maps its 4wd....do not belive it ..with ATV..yes or horse....This trail is out of "Karcher's Camp" it may be named something different now...anyways it has a trout, U'catchem" place and trailer court...behind this is a "switchback trail" to some old gold camp....you'll know it when your there(looks
like a ghost town)TAKE WATER!! This a steep area. but very huntable if you are staying in town..lots of sign...

If you are considering hunting here please contact me at my e-mail address listed at this website..

Hey good hunting



Apr 2, 2001
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don't know anything about x9b, but welcome to JHO.

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