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Mar 11, 2001
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i finally broke into the yahoo digital camera i bought on ebay, it has real poor resolution so i do not suggest it as a deercam, something like 300*300, i am going to try it in the woods anyway since i all ready own it, however it you have a camera with similar features or sleep mode these modifications should work, the yahoo cam falls to sleep after 1 minute, it is awaken by one push of the shutter button, and a second push to take the picture

the yahoo camera has a push button switch to close the shutter contacts, i opened the camera up and soldered a wire to each side of this switch, similar to what we do with the owl

i found a delay timer on bowdens hobby circuits ( , i wired the welby/tinhorn one shot delay circuit before the delay circuit, when the trigger is tripped the one shot timer closes a relay for 1 second to wake up the camera, the delay circuit at the same time delays for 2 seconds, then closes a second relay for 1 second to trip the camera, so there is a total of about 2 seconds after the trigger is tripped before the picture is taken, i have tested the circuit on the table with the camera and it works fine, i will work on putting in a box and field testing as time permits. i am not an electrical genuis just a poor chem engr. so there maybe some inherent flaw with the circuit as i hooked it up, but so far no smoke and it works

if anyone is interested in the circuit i will cut and paste the two together to show exactly what i did because descriptions are always confusing

the yahoo camera also has a ir flash, however it has a slide switch to change beween nite and day use, if i can remove the slide switch maybe i could wire a light sensor circuit to select day or nite for the ir, however it also has some kind of filter for the ir use that the switch manually moves, maybe the day pictures would be ok through this filter

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