Yollo Bolly Wilderness deer migration


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Hi everyone I am having a hard time finding where the black tail deer migrate too. Specially interested in the south YB area.
I just heard from a friend who just got back from hunting Hammerhorn. He said that there is snow on the ground and 15 degrees colder then 2 weeks ago. He also said that there was no animals at all, no fresh tracks, no does, no bucks.
I would like to get another hunt in before the season ends.
Any information about blacktail migration in the Yollo Bolly would be apriciated or a suggestion where to hunt. Not asking for your honey hole but somewhere south of the Yollo Bollys and away from the generally public that can be drinking , partying weekend worriers. Not bashing on having fun but this is hunting season.
Thank you, this could be a very interesting forum


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I was up there the first weekend of October. Hunted same general area. I also did not see an animal. I hunt there a lot in archery but I am not familiar with their behavior this time of year. I would be interested to hear if the small piece of weather that hit a few days before I was there was enough to get them to move out of the higher country or is a more major storm what does it? I was thinking about going up again this weekend and packing in. It's such an F-ing long drive though.


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FWIW very similar experience around higher elevations of D3. No sign, no does. Bears and bobcats though.

Down lower around creek beds tons of sign and a few does.

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