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Jul 20, 2006
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Senate Bill 1130 by Senator Durell Peaden (R-Crestview) will protect your right to have a firearm in your car or truck for self-defense and other lawful purposes.SB-1130 has been scheduled for a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee next Tuesday, March 25th at 12:45 pm.It is now time to start sending emails to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to let them know how important this bill is to law-abiding gun owners who carry firearms in their vehicles for protection and other lawful purposes.Please immediately send emails to members of the Committee and URGE THEM TO REMOVE THE AMENDMENT THAT WAS ATTACHED IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE AND SUPPORT SB-1130 by Senator Peaden The amendment was a so-called "compromise" to accommodate the business groups -- we never agreed to this language.Some lawyers say it is so broad it even gives immunity from tort liability to employers, even when employers are careless and negligent, including when they knew something criminal was about to happen and did nothing.Following the so-called "compromise" for the business groups, their lobbyists stood up and supported the amendment and then continued to oppose the bill.We must remove that amendment and then pass the bill.

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