Your Biggest Bass


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The first picture is my "biggest bass", caught at Clear Lake, CA. She was as healthy and as fat as could be. Unfortunately, I didn't have a scale to weigh her so I only have a picture. The second picture is my "biggest bass" officially weighed. This one came from Clear Lake as well and was caught during a tournament. She weighed 11.90 lbs. and was the big fish of the event, we won the tournament ;) . Both fish were released alive =)


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8-18-12 002.jpgShawnt'e b-day and Pilsbary 089 (3).jpg

The night pic was from Lake Sonoma the other night. The big one was from Lake Pilsbury in 2007. I just finished eating the one from Lake Sonoma today. Only fish I ever cleaned that had fat sacks along the inside cavity. I wish I would have kept the big one and had it mounted. It was at least 10#, and I haven't come close to that with any freshwater fish since.


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10.1 is my best from Lake Amador in 1983. Now I live down south I keep giving DVR a try and will have some luck I hope.


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I m not as big of a bass fisherman as i was younger but my biggest one on record for me was 10lbs.4oz weight at marina in lake perris...however i caught 1 way bigger at nite on a jig...was plannin on mountin and wieght it in the mornin...when mornin came...there was a fish breakfast my mom made...wtfreak!!!!... my fish was gone!!!.. i estimate it at 15 or 17 lbs...could hav been the lake record durin that time

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