Yowch. Barra del Colorado in northwest Costa Rica


Mar 11, 2001
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Pete Thomas, L.A. Times



Those who have been to Barra del Colorado in northwest Costa Rica know there's no better place to fish for tarpon when the "silver kings" are there en masse, as they have been lately.

And only a tarpon fisherman knows how chaotic things get during a wide-open bite.

Jerry Ruhlow, owner of Costa Rica Outdoors travel service, cites the story of Greg Snyder and his son Sean, from West Palm Beach, Fla.:

"Greg had a tarpon hooked and was battling it in when the guide also hooked a fish off the bow. Greg handed his rod to his son to hold and went to [reel in] the guide's fish.

"Another fish hit Sean's floating lure and they suddenly had a triple working. Greg sat back in his chair right on top of a Rapala [lure] and got most of the hooks in his fanny, so I guess you could say they had four hookups on the boat at the same time.

"They finally got all three tarpon in for release, but I'm not sure about Greg."

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