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7.62x39 ar build yay or nay?


The newer Ruger mini's are much more accurate than the original Ruger mini's -- correct.

Ruger redesigned the barrels and retooled their factories.

They have however always been at least as accurate as the AK's.

Now they are also comparably as accurate as the AR's.

The AR is an accurate carbine -- no doubt.

The AR is however very unreliable as well ... still.

There are plenty of 7.62x39's available other than a bastardized AR configuration.
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Since you see a bunch of ARs at the range that jam, you also are aware there are several garbage companies out there with garbage parts that are el cheapos, right? It's like buying a crappy Yugo SKS or AK, which you also see jam at the range.

Also, home building the cheapest AR you can with the cheapest parts kit will be unsatisfactory at best.

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