Where are you from in Missouri?


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I reside in NE Missouri, Marion County. Been here for 40 years, this time.

Deer hunt locally, turkeys too and a few quail. Usually visit some western states annualy, for antelope, elk and birds.

Dad didn't hunt, but grandad did and so did I with him.

Turkey-gun is a Rem. 870 SPS 3", camo. Big-game rifle is a Rem. 700 in 7MM Rem. mag. and a Ruger #1V in 22-250 for varmints.

Best time afield was an elk hunt in Colo. a couple of years back. Nice 5x5 bull running-shot at 300 yards. Lucky shot!

Dream hunt.... lots of 'em. I guess, a Nevada chukar hunt at low elevation and swarming coveys every-day for a few days would probally do it!


Where are you from in Missouri? Raymondville

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most? deer and turkey

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip? my grandpa

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind? rifle 7mm mauser, , barnett crossbow

What is your favorite hunting memory? hunting rabbits with grandpa

What is your dream hunt? to go elk hunting


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I live in mojave, ca but i grew up in Viburnum Missouri , Iron and Crawford counties. Grew up hunting whitetail but now im huntin blacktails and mulies, hope to start huntin back home soon!


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Came from mountains of California now living in Lawrence County on 10 acres. Best part for me is we had 2 does playing in our field that both gave birth in our hallows. We get to watch all 4 playing in the field now weekly. I see more deer at home than I have seen in 15 years living in So Cal mountains. I look forward to learning the new hunting and fishing out here in Missouri. Few disabilities to get over but it still looks very promising.

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