Where Are You From & Where Do You Shed Hunt?


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Hi guys i'm from the western NY area and i'm a shedaholic.I have been looking for sheds 17 years and have found over 300 so far.I look forward too talking with everybody and looking at all the great shed photo's.


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G'day my name is Damon.

I have hunted for sheds for longer than i have held a rifle,over 20years.

I only have Fallow sheds to hunt for down here.

The property i hunt has 50 full time deer hunters on it.Wich makes it hard to find the good sheds.

Well this site has made it a goal of mine to actually specificaly go out to hunt for sheds.So it will be interesting how many i can find.

That time is 2weeks away now i can't wait.

I started shed hunting basically because i thought it was a bit of a waist to leave them laying there.

My favourite shed was a full set i found last year....Pics soon guys...soon

I'll post some shed picks soon.I have honestly never knew anyone that would be interested in viewing my shed collection,But i have some large and odd looking things you guys may like.


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Fossilman here,I'm living North Dakota now,but lived in Montana half my life.
Thats where the shedd bug bit me.
I,ve been shedd hunting for over twenty year and have found hundreds of shedds,mulie,whitetail,antelope(sleeve's),buffalo(sleeves),elk and moose........
I've sold some,traded and swapped.
No more selling for me,just trading and swapping,it seem's to be more fun,plus you get something back in return................
My finds have been in the Rocky Mountains,Bull Mountain,Snowy Mountains,and the Musselshell Valley in Montana..Plus the plain's of North Dakota...........
I do have shedds from Washington,Montana,North Dakota,Utah,Canada and Wyoming.............So far.........


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I guess, they are wanting us to re-introduce ourselves. I live in South East Wyoming, and do most of my shed hunting between Laramie and Cheyenne. I started shed hunting about 3 years ago for no real reason just seemes like fun. I had to teach myself and give credit to many of the people on this cite, without the help I doubt I would have as much success as I do. Most every thing I find is mulie sheds but occasionally pick up a few elk every year too. My best spots are between beading and feeding areas. The best advice I have is to watch where the deer are in February and you will know right where to look. To date I would estimate I have found over 300 sheds.


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Well I am from Bisbee, AZ.
I have never set out just for sheds, we find a good amount while hunting for deer, elk and predators.
Since my dad taught me everything I know about hunting, I'd say he also taught me about shed hunting.
Me, my dad and my brother are planning a full blown shed hunt in unit 27 in june when I get home from serving in Afghanistan, I am really looking forward to a relaxing week out in the mountains with my family after spending a year here in Afghanistan.

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Hi, I'm a shed hunter from Northern Wisconsin and I have been shed hunting for about 10 years. I really was introduced to shed hunting from my dad and I got addicted really fast after I found my first shed. I have found some really unique antlers. Anyway this is a cool website and I enjoy hearing and seeing pictures of all the sheds.



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we are from Vermont and are very new to the sport of shed hunting, mosly for moose. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. Mark


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VERY New: First hunt 3/26/06. Loads of deer scat in one area, no sheds... good spot to try again if we can figure out where they winter down...
Have been out every Sat since for an average of 5-7 hours of nonstop hiking and searching. Getting frustrated, but totally enjoying the nature scene and loving the exercise. Damn moose are not out too much yet. Thought they'd be out sooner because of our mild winter and early spring. A couple moose spotted within a few miles of the homestead, but of course, we drive about 45 minutes away - lol! (Sticking within a few miles of bogs, but no luck) Grass always greener on the other side, right?
We found a deer kill this past weekend. All that was left was a shoulder bone, misc.
fragments, hair outline of the body, coyote crap everywhere, but best of all - a fully intact jawbone with all the teeth attached - picked clean!

Heard bleach and boiling not best solution for long term preservation. One suggestion was to soak in warm water with soap, keep changing water until clear then clean with peroxide for whiter appearance. Any other suggestions or ideas. I'd like to hang it on a wall in a shadow box. It's in mint condition.
I'm so obsessed now that I want to search the entire area for the skull and anything else I can find. Am I twisted or what? lol


I started looking for sheds about 3 years ago when I was watching 3 bucks in my backyard bed down. Once they got up I went outside just out of curiosity to check out where they were bedding. When I went to the spot where the biggest one was laying I found my first shed. Ever since I have been searching and have done ok, but not the greatest. I only have really been able to shed hunt in my backyard in the cities. The deer have limited areas they can travel to and my backyard is not one of their biggest places to go.


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sacramento, CA
i have only hunted and shed hunt in CA.
usually have an excellent spot where most deer come down from a high elevation and stay for the winter then loose there anlters...it is on public land, but i have only seen a few other hunters on it so that is good..been shed hunting for about 3 years really hard...i do have a set from a brute (blacktail) going back for three years of antlers..and he was a three pointer when i found the first set...very old deer...


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Well it not the season for shed hunting but i still can't stop thinking about looking for them so i thought i'd introduce myself. My name is Kurt and i've been shed hunting for about 5 years. I grew up in western Wisconsin and shed hunt around home in Jackson and Trempealeau counties. My uncle sparked my interest in shed hunting by giving me a shed when i was 12 or 13 but i never actually looked for any on my own until i was in college. It took me two years of searching to find my first 3 point side and i've been nuts about shed hunting since. This last season was my best ever and i found 10 fresh sheds...I definitely can't compete with the numbers that some of you fellas put up but i have fun none the less. I'm looking forward to sharing pics and stories with all of you this upcoming shed season


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Shead hunting is a great way to stay in shape and scout areas for next season.
In migratory areas most of the sheds will be found in the winter range areas, although some of the biggest sheds I've found have been way up high.



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I have never gone after sheds. My dad has a little land thats real close to Tejon ranch. Im not sure when is the good time to go look for stuff, but if anyone wants to teach me. i will get you a pass to the land and we can both go find sum nice sheds.

There is at least one elk on the land that has a rack so big that my dad said his head would not touch the truck bed if u layed him in there. His rack would hit the sides and hold him up. My dad also said the elk was bigger than our horses. ( full size.. not mini horse) there is also lots of deer on the land.

I want to go after the big sheds if anyone wants to go along with me.


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Im from Northern California and do most of my shed hunting in the open space behind my house. It's my secret spot as most of my neighbors and the residents here don't even know there are deer around or that they shed! I found my first one about four years ago and can't get enough. I've found five sets and around a dozen sides, some chewed on. My favorite was a chubby fork with a killer eye guard. At least I thought he was a fork until I found the drivers side the following year! Super massive but very short. I enjoy watching the deer, naming them and then hunting their sheds. My son's have complete sets in their rooms. Check out my Old Antler Reconditioning post in the taxidermy forum to see what Im doing with them. Best thing I've learned is to scour the bedding areas as that's where they spend the majority of their time. And if you find one side, be relentless:)View attachment 79882The left side I found fresh and the right side was the following year.

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