New JHO Members- What's Going on Here Lately?....Take Precautions!


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To expand on what Mr. Sunset said above, I will share my personal experience with JHO...that I hope perhaps some of the Newbies and "one post wonders" will read. I lurked on this forum for a long time, it wasn't until earlier this year that I really started to participate in the forums. In that short time, I have made several new friends that I have met and hunted with in person, and there are more in the hopper. I've gained access and information on new places to hunt, some I've never heard of...and some even on private land. I would dare to even say I've been given one or two "honey holes" (seems like a swear word on here now). I've had my bow restrung for no charge, been offered better equipment than mine to borrow upcoming trips, and had an all around eye opening experience...and again made some new and probably life-long friends. I think I really started here around March so less than 6 months time for all this to happen. All from a little bit of giving back, sharing what I know, staying (mostly) positive, and trying to help some other hunters in the process. It doesn't take a long time or an incredible amount of effort. Just be willing to share, and have a good attitude.
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Hey Guys, I read all your posts and I must say those are some bad stories. I from back east and I'm new to this hunting forum thing even thou I work for a tech company. HAHAHAHA! Things are really different here, back home hunting areas are not like a heavily guarded secrets and you have to practically kill someone for information. I understand that there is very little public land or honey holes to go to. I guess I have been fortunate to hunt with some nice guys. I am a newbie to California hunting and it seems like some tough hunting. Any info I have I'll be glad to share if anyone is interested but like I said I 'm new too. Plus, San Diego county is not that hunting friendly I'm finding out.


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When I first joined one of my first posts was asking if anyone wanted to join me on a hunt on private property I have access to. Of course I had plenty of replies of people wanted to come. But I got one PM for BigSurArcher telling me to be careful of people who will to advantage of my offer.
I contacted one gentleman named Joe and after a few weeks of talking we met and had a great time(even though the weather was horrible).
The next person I took up there just happens to be the nicest MAN I've had the pleasure of meeting let alone hunting with. California is gonna miss you TRA.

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Mlindsay when we going on that quail hunt?! My pup is getting fat lol


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I appreciate every person who has ever helped me with a question I had or met up with me to teach me new things. Never will forget about you guys


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It always seems this time of year when the rash of newbies r in and out and this thread should shed light to veteran JHO members why u should be cautious of new members who’s intentions r possibly to take advantage u, it does happen read my opening post.

And this post is educational for newbies to understand why JHO members r cautious or should b cautious about hooking up with a new members.
Besides my bad experience a few years ago As u can also read from Bubblehides recent post HOGMANIA AND BAD SANTA in the hog forum what could happen if u really don’t get to know someone before u hunt with them.

NOT All NEWBIES have misleading intentions but believe me a lot of them do as time and time again u will hear stories of bad hook ups.

JHO website has some of the greatest experienced highly educational hunters and outdoorsman who share a lot of helpful info about hunting that most very successful hunters on here or other websites would never share which is highly understandable due to putting in the time and hard work for years to have such great knowledge to b a successful hunter.

With this being said read all of these post and u can come to your own conclusions about hooking up with newbies or newbies hooking up with u.


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